War, War is Stupid

...and Bush, Bush is stupid.
His "speech" was just bullshit
And more folks know it.

I don't often get political here; hey, you want to enjoy yourself.
But now that a majority of congressmen - even dumbass Republicans - know what lefties like me and millions more knew years ago, things are more serious.

312 members of Congress who oppose President Bush's disastrous plan to escalate the war in Iraq. Fewer than half that number, only 145, have offered their support. Likewise, according to a recent Gallup poll, 61% of Americans oppose escalation and only 36% support it.

Not only do a majority of members of Congress oppose President Bush's disastrous escalation plan - they're standing up to this President. In his official response to the State of the Union, Senator Jim Webb gave an impassioned speech decrying the President's failed Iraq strategy. Leaders from both parties have introduced multiple bills in Congress rebuking escalation, including the bipartisan Biden-Hagel-Levin resolution which passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday. With continued support and prodding, our elected officials will turn their strong words into legislative action against escalation.

Escalation will hurt, not enhance, our national security. An overwhelming majority of the American public and their representatives in Congress have made their opposition clear. Unfortunately, President Bush stubbornly refuses to listen.

Chimpoleon is an evil idiot steered by a more evil cabal of war mongerers. Duh.

His bullshit "escalation," "surge," "augmentation" (lying bitch Condi Rice's words) is just more lies.

The Iraq occupation is a mess, and more people now realize it. Chimpy's swill ignored New Orleans, Louisiana, his crap threats against gay marriage, and blathered on about a "baby Einstein" (What the fuck was that bullshit about?), and a bunch of expensive healthcare lies bent on forcing middle income Americans to foot the bill.

He must be told to shut the fuck up.

Attend a peace march this weekend in your area!
Soldiers are cute, but peaceniks are cute, too!
and wouldn't it be better to have them home, where you can enjoy them?

United for Peace and Justice is just one of dozens of groups organizing marches and protests.

CLICK HERE to find a nearby event.

Thank you.



Today is Steve Reeves' birthday. Born January 21, 1926, Reeves died in 2000.
He was of course known as the star of Hercules and dozens of other sword and sandal flicks, but before that he became the most famous bodybuilder of all time, one of the pioneers of perfect symmetry. Certainly others preceded him, and many more after him were bigger, but few, save bob Paris, achieved an easthetic perfection with muscularity. By the way, as his bulges and one blurry nude beach shot prove, Reeves was also hung like a horse.

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Happy birthday, Steve. Too bad you never posed fully nude and showed off one of your huge talents.


Better Leighton Never

So, apparently, this 21-year-old model Leighton Stultz is a big deal with the Aberzombie set. He's got the coy PG-rated bloggers and MySpace faghags drooling all over his pecs and such.

Frankly, I find these slightly censored frontal nudes a bit more compelling. Nobody else has these! Why the lightswitch-shaped cutouts? I dunno. I just found 'em that way. It's obvious he's got a big Talent, and will be showing his hugoid cock very soon in Playgirl, I'm told. So, you saw the gargantuaschlong here first, sort of. And, no doubt, the end of his wannabe acting career. Who knows? Maybe he can take some lessons from Simon Rex.


Reese in Pieces

Okay, I feel better, even though the world is falling apart, literally.
A chunk of the arctic the size of Manhattan just fell into the ocean, it's 72 degrees in Manhattan in January, the Rethugs in power deny the truth about global warming, but hey, this is a porn blog, so it's all about keeping hot.

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So, I was a bad boy for Christmas.
I only got a few toys.

Oh, and my New Year's resolution is to quit smoking - while guys ejaculate on my face, at least.

Excuse me for being a bit tardy with the hot stuff.
Things are so fucking strange! Dictators hanged, the Army calling up Dead Troops.
It's weird. A strange new year.