Git Yer Kit Off!

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Stocking Stuffer

Oh, what a package.
Str8cam Jeffy jackin his drizzle all over my tree! Santa, please make my wish cum true!

Happy horny holidays!

If you're home for the holidays, remember, there are lots of horny str8 guys like Jeff - okay, very few who look like Jeff - who want a real blow job their harried wives can't provide.

Be sure to give - head and ass- this holiday season!


Truth Sayers

To celebrate my 200,000th visit (I know, some gay nude bloggers have a million; so, I'm relatively new to the scene), I'm showing some recent pics of my favorite former wrestler turned super model, Joseph Sayers.

As you may know, little Joe first posed nude for a certain fellow who got Joe to show everything. He was just 18, and had goals of being in Playgirl, I've heard, although the pics were more in line with a more graphic gay publication.
I recall nearly spending a few hundred dollars to peruse the full array of pics sold on Ebay, of Joseph showing his butthole, his hard dick, and well, a lot of other sexy yet poorly shot pics.

Later, of course, Bruce Weber shot Joe in some relatively tame frontal shots.

However, brilliant photographer Joe Oppedisano convinced Joseph, a very popular model by now, to bare it all again, in some much better composed images in his luscious book, Testosterone.

True, Joe isn't showing a stiff erection like Mr. Ed*lson got, but the quality is much better.

And hey, you can see Joe's dicky right there on Amazon.com!

See? Good things come to (but not yet on) those who wait.

I know, I'm repeating some images. Are you gonna complain? I didn't think so.


Freedom, Free Cum

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Drool, Brittannia

According to the site Way Odd, Prince Harry likes to have some fun in his military barracks by exposing himself. The young royal reportedly likes to parade the corridors of his army barracks in the nude and get a good chuckle out of his fellow soldiers.

The 22-year-old recently graduated from Sandhurst Military Training Academy and has since moved to new barracks, where his naked antics have earned him the nickname "Dirty Harry."

According to Britain's Daily Star newspaper, a source said, "The boys think it's hilarious to see Harry walking up and down the corridor. He's very confident around the barracks."

The young prince, who has joined the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals, has reportedly made the habit of walking to the shower block in the Wellington Barracks wearing nothing but a very small towel.

Harry is said to be very proud of his body and not at all shy when it comes to stripping off in the shower block.

Sources at the barracks say his fellow officers jokingly wolf whistle, as he walks down the corridor.

Last week, it was revealed Harry is set to begin battle training, fueling speculation he could be sent to war.

Earlier this year, Harry allegedly threatened to leave the army if he was banned from fighting on the front line.

It has also been reported that if he is sent to battle, bodyguards would accompany him.


Stade-y as you Go!

The big star of the 2007 Stade France Rugby Calendar and DVD is a hunky import from the Glasgow Warriors, Sean LaMont.

It's not only his huge uncut cock that's got the gays a droolin', but his fashion sense (blond dye job) and obvious comfort in being the newest, hungest gay icon. HERE's an interview with Sean on the Warrior's site.

Lamont discusses his nude photo shoot in The UK's Daily Record: "I was very surprised at the shots they actually used - and one was a bit more shocking than the others. I was the only overseas player to be invited which I suppose is something."

Well, Sean, your ginormous uncut schlong is something, and you'd probably be even more surprised to see how much of it is being shown in the DVD, and how many mos all over the world are jacking off to its beauty right now.

Sean makes some comments about an opponent which I am happy to misconstrue.

He mentions, "extremely talented players who will be very strong in the offload situation."

No, Sean, you're the champion in helping thousands get their load off.

Remember, guys. It's for charity, so shop freely.



I hope you had a nice holiday season. I spent Thanksgiving Day stuffing a turkey.

Then my uncle came over , came over me, in fact.

After dinner, we went outside and played a little touch football.

Then, later, we enjoyed leftovers...

... while watching some TV: This guy was better than the Macy's Day Parade.


A Body to Die For

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San Francisco congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, poised to become the new Speaker of the House now that Democrats regained a majority in both the house and Senate, may have been extremely polite in her words about bipartisanship and a new direction. Good for her. She stands to be the third most powerful politician in the U.S. A woman's perspective and "San Francisco Values" stand to make change for the good.

But I'll have to side with The Rude Pundit, who was a tad less polite, but so on-target that it bears a full quote:

America Says to the Media and the New Congress: Crush This Man:

If there was a clear mandate that comes from last night's midterm elections, it is this: the American people want the Bush presidency destroyed. However it must be done, it has to be done, so that the only legacy left from his squalid six years is bodies stacked like cordwood for the bonfires of uselessness. If you flinch from this sacred duty, if you pretend to bipartisanship and comity, you will have not heeded the message of the citizenry. Destruction first, so that there will be space for construction.

At today's press conference, where Bush congratulates the Democrats, huffs and puffs a bit about not knowing if George Allen is a loser, self-deprecates just enough to seem charming, the members of the media need to use their questions to kick him to the ground, piss on him while he's down there, and then gloat about his beaten, urine-stinking body. Don't allow him to spin it in his favor in any way. To the reporters who are willing to tear apart the administration and dine on its innards shall go the rewards.

And the new Congress needs to be cautious about preaching caution. We'll discuss impeachment when the Senate is secure, but remember that the Republicans are going to treat the Democrats like Visigoths entering Rome. But remember: Rome fell. Don't hold back from demonizing the Republicans now. When Clinton won, the right was all about a scorched earth policy towards whatever the new administration wanted to do: stop everything. So instead, use that anger against President and make the Republicans take a stand: are they with you or with a deliriously unpopular George W. Bush (and Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and Karl Rove)? In order to get things back to check and balance, at least for a while, treat the presidency like the President treated the Congress. Then we can all make nicey-nice.

In Romania, after the violence of the Revolution against the Communist dictatorship there in 1989, the new government executed Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife. Television showed the corpses to the jubilant, hopeful nation. And then they outlawed capital punishment.

For now, though, let's party till inauguration day over the whiny corpses of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, William Kristol, Bob Novak, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and on and on. Let's prop their bodies up like the wax dummies they are and laugh at how quickly they melt and rot."

Buy your Thumpin' T-shirts HERE.


Dutch (Trick or) Treat

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Stall in the Family

Wow, who knew that guys actually masturbate in men's rooms and hot college studs jack off while sitting on public toilets? Alert the media!!

I'm not going to share a thing about my experiences in college toilets. Because of course I've never done such a thing. But I've heard stories.

Well, now, some curious student reporter has exposed the hot piss and cocksucking action going on at USC Trojan men's rooms.

""It's not really about the sex act itself," said a third-year USC graduate student who declined to give his name. "It's more about the fulfilling of a fantasy." The student was talking about "cruising," the practice of men meeting and having anonymous sex in bathrooms or other public places. Cruisers, facilities management employees, law enforcement officials and Web sites dedicated to cruising confirm that multiple bathrooms at USC are consistently used for cruising. One cruising Web site lists 66 cruising locations in Los Angeles - including eight at USC."

Do they wear Trojans? Are they tired of condom jokes? Apparently not enough, since their cub reporter gives a blow by blow description of the hot man on man - and gasp, even heterosexual action - going on in their university loos.

Jeez, is nothing gay sacred?



Do I have to blog about Foleygate? Pervgate? Page-gate, or whatever it's called today?

Do I have to post links to prove how innately corrupt this "administraiton" is, how piss whore Jeff Gannon (pictured) is tied to it all, and still lies like the piss whore he is by pretending to be a journalist in gay publications, or that Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is a big ole mo who molested boys when he was a wrestling coach, and knew for years about Foley, and so did his gay roommate, or the proof that Abu Ghraib was actually a "sex ring" and not just a torture hell, or that Congressman Jim Kolbe went on a camping trip with underage pages, and one can easily surmise what took place there, or that dozens, if not hundreds of Republican elected and appointed officials have been arrested and sentenced for actual sex crimes, including raping their own children, but those never made national headlines, or that this whole antigay Republican gay perv witch hunt media frenzy is being compared to the Nazi's Night of the Long Knives?

I'm just pissed that having to post about this bumped my hot nude frontal pic of Stade France cocksman Christophe Dominici (see below).

With all this anti-gay gay bullshit the Rethugs are up to, and about, it's enough to make a homo switch to pussy.

Or should I leave the comments to Tony Award-winning playwright Tony Kushner?

Yeah, I think I will.


Stade e Yum

It seems almost obligatory for any good gayrotica blogger to announce (les trumpets, s'ils vous plait) the release, or pre-cum, of the 2007 Stade France rugby calendar.

Every year the rotating cast of studs and photographers shows a little more skin, and this year, the trend seems to be partial i.e. cropped cocks in glorious black and white. A few full length casual uncut weiners are displayed for our delectation, but still, despite the fact that the photographers (and the team's gay owner, sans doubt!) have full frontal and possibly semi-fluffed pics of their own, fans -the gay ones Stade markets to but ignores- "Nous sommes enjoyez votre d'argent, mais non votres presence" are left to ooh and ahh over the latest hemline lowering of les strappes jock e les autres, uh, underthings.

Frankly, I'd rather just watch rugby players "dack" each other, their asses exposed on field, enjoy them fooling around, as in the Australian Footy Show, or catch them fucking, but that happens elsewhere. The effetely gorgeous beau mecs du Stade continue their tease le coq.

More pics can be found at the Yahoo Group devoted to them, the incredibly slow-loading posts on MFM Forums, and, well, pretty much on every gay nudie blog around. Enjoyez!

Australia's National Rugby League, er imitative Naked Rugby League calendar was released to a bit of hoohaw about an inch of Oz dick being shown. Seems they don't mind ass cheeks on the telly, but a weiner in print (see June) gets some riled up down undah. No doubt they're all still in shock, what with their national hero, the Cock Hunter, er, Croc Hunter, having met his stingray to heaven.

The color video shot seemed to have slipped by Australia Fox TV's censors. Seems something's pressing out from behind the champagne bottle, which must not have been chilled. Gotta biggun, mate? Crikey!



I remember the days when cartoons didn't assbang each other.


Kevin Cockner

I never liked his acting, but I certainly could learn to like his cock. Too bad he didn't hire me to massage his cock when that masseuse at a hotel got all flustered. I wouldn't have complained, or sued, and probably would have deep-throated him to a happy ending.

This notorious snapshot of Ben Browder reveals (upon close adoring inspection) that the Farscape star has a big... talent. I actually prefer to obsess about his glorious butt cheeks, but that's another post.

Actually, I could obsesss about everything and anything to do with Ben Browder, but again, that's another galaxy and post.

For more celebrity bulges, check out the meager samplings at Celebrity Bulge Blog,

For nice downloadable male film nude scenes - like Matt Battaglia's Queer as Folk sex and undy scenes - visit The Other Side.

More amusement is at the Bulge Research Institute.

I feel obligated to mention the Bulge Report, but with all those annoying graphics, and a fee, it's kind of the Drudge Report of cock-watching, with a door entry.

Eh. for more obvious cock bulges, there's always vintage Colt.

Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with Ben Browder?


Isle of Misfit Toys

Greenpeace says that sex toys contain dangerous chemicals! Yeouch! Toxic butt plugs, dangerous dildos, noxious nut bags. Sounds creepy. Guess we ought to stick to the real thing - or fresh produce. I'm going cucumber shopping.

Hopefully, gorgeous muscular slutty Reese (shown here) didn't suffer any anal damage whilst plugging his bootie with these plastic cocks. Maybe he should switch to letting guys fuck him with their dicks. He's sure good at taking these dildos up his firm ass.

Watch the video, in two parts (split, join, yada yada, Rapidshare) Part 1 and Part 2.