Kevin Cockner

I never liked his acting, but I certainly could learn to like his cock. Too bad he didn't hire me to massage his cock when that masseuse at a hotel got all flustered. I wouldn't have complained, or sued, and probably would have deep-throated him to a happy ending.

This notorious snapshot of Ben Browder reveals (upon close adoring inspection) that the Farscape star has a big... talent. I actually prefer to obsess about his glorious butt cheeks, but that's another post.

Actually, I could obsesss about everything and anything to do with Ben Browder, but again, that's another galaxy and post.

For more celebrity bulges, check out the meager samplings at Celebrity Bulge Blog,

For nice downloadable male film nude scenes - like Matt Battaglia's Queer as Folk sex and undy scenes - visit The Other Side.

More amusement is at the Bulge Research Institute.

I feel obligated to mention the Bulge Report, but with all those annoying graphics, and a fee, it's kind of the Drudge Report of cock-watching, with a door entry.

Eh. for more obvious cock bulges, there's always vintage Colt.

Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with Ben Browder?

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