All Wet

And I'm outta here.

(Now with improved floppy-dick close-up!)


Cock Reign

Well, this is totally wonderful.

Remember Danny from Sean Cody? Of course, it's odd to ask if one "remembers" a porn puppy like this hotty, since thanks to the Interwebs, porno is forever!

Well, Danny, who started off with a little JO scene, then a dildo buttplay scene, then fucking guys, then getting fucked, then threeways and all-out orgiastic four- and six-ways, is probably one of the more stellar stars of Sean Cody's delicious stable of studs.

Now he's in a different corral, the mixed martial arts ring. His sports name is even more porntastic, Dakota Cochrane.

He looks great, although I could have sworn he wasn't 5'8"; more of a pocket gay; 5'5" tops (pun intended).

Isn't it great that a cutie pie who's shared his tender butthole and voluminous ejaculations is now sharing his homoerotic fighting skills?

Isn't it wonderful of the MMA community to accept an athlete who's also displayed some of the most athletic ways to get your ass pounded, literally, not just in sports terms?

Isn't it great to think what fun goes on in the locker room after his bouts? Well, we don't have to imagine at all, do we?

Here he is fighting Mark Dickman. You can't make this stuff up!

Here's more videos; MMA (mixed martial arts) ones, not BFB (butt-fucking buddies).

Thanks, Danny, er, Dakota. Long may your cock reign.

UPDATE: do we love Queer Me Now? We love QueerMeNow. We will gladly offer a wet sloppy cum-dribbling lip-lock to Queer Me Now, because they simply gave me a lil credit for sharing this story. Plus, they posted more fun pics of Danny/Dakota that I didn't bother to find. Yum!

Then the hella fun Fleshbot cribbed from them and offered an amusing round-up for porn guys and their day jobs.

LOSERS: Oh, looky; a week later, GayDemon caught on, paraphrased my post, didn't give me credit and took the same video and pics. Thanks, whores!

Another really messy porn website caught on, too.

Men of Porn gave me a shout out, too. Thanks, hot sluts!

UPDATE Feb 2012. Oh, looky, Yahoo Sports News caught up, four months later. I guess that's because Danny/Dakota has an upcumming bout. Yay for him!

Boo for Yahoo Sports News for crediting a third-hand source, Queerty (Yeah; cheers, thanks a lot, guys. Whatever).

Check out the array of supportive comments on BloodyElbow.com. Good on you, sports fans.

UPDATE: Nov 2012: Since this has turned out to be my second most popular post evah! (ya; thanks, Danny/Dakota; luv ya; mean it!), here is a very smart opinion column from Xtra, the Candian LGBT news site, all about the follow-up, and how Danny/Dakota didn't make it in the finals of the TV show competition. Columnist Lisa Foad also discusses how the porn/MMA stud's "regret" over being one of the hottest sex machines ever is, well, regrettable. True that.


Gym Dandies

So, I've been going to the gym a lot lately; fighting time and gravity.
Sure, there are often hotties showing it off. But it's rarely like the pics attached.
Too often, there are always the sad old guys who take way too long primping themselves and peeking at others.
Worse are the trolls who deliberately prance around naked showing off their sagging bellies, tiny dicks and obvious pervy behavior.
While I don't mind witnessing a little wank action in the steam room, it does make me prefer to stand. I can't imagine what sort of goo is on the seats.
Yes, I'm an old 'mo. So who am I to complain?
Well, I've still got what's been called a hot body. And at least unlike the grossest troll I saw today, I don't use a blow dryer on my back hair. I don't even have back hair.
Still, it's nice to see nice nudes. It is an inspiration, even for an old troll like me.


Transgressive Catholic Gay Sex-Fucking: A Love Story

Jesus Fucking Christ!
This Gawker article made me holy horny!

I don't think my post about it even needs photos!

Catholic U Dorms Brace for More Gay Orgies

'Is Catholic-filled Catholic University a "den of sin," infested with more STDs than your average koala bear? One can scarcely draw any other conclusion, based on the fact that the school's president now believes he must forcefully segregate students of opposite genders from one another, lest all this hot, hot sexxx continue unabated.

Catholic U prez John Garvey is getting rid of the school's co-ed dorms (which have been in place for more than 20 years), due to the fact that these supposedly Pope-worshiping young students can't stop fucking their fellow dorm-mates, possibly before, during, or after drinking the demon rum.'

This comment got me turgid:

"I went to Notre Dame and they have a separate tiny dorm for all the students studying to go into the priesthood. Rumor was that they were constantly getting disciplined by the university because the boys in that dorm would NOT. STOP. FUCKING each other. All hours of the night. And if I ever write a memoir about my college experience, it will be called Transgressive Catholic Gay Sex-Fucking: A Love Story."

Okay, maybe another photo; couldn't find a still of Pavel in priest drag; not that clergy are the ones banging away at this university ...allegedly.

And how about a clip of Pavel Novotny in priest garb having a hot gay sex threeway, not in a dorm, but don't get picky, awright?