Ho ho hos

Yes, I'm getting a jump on the holiday season with some HannaKwaanzaChristmassy nudes.

And no, I'm not going to post any of the pictures from this comic blog post of old dads posing naked in front of Christmas trees... except this one:


The Daley News: a gay Tom Daley's even more adorable

Tom Daley's dating a guy! I'm so thrilled.

No, really. The cuter-than-cute British Olympic diver posted a video that was a little vague, but he asserted his sort of coming out in his own way, in a five-minute video from his bed.


I'm a Twit!

I'm on Twitter! big whoop. Follow me. I'll follow you. and together we'll waste even more of our lives posting banalities. https://twitter.com/Tom_Bacchus

And now, some pictures of naked men from Twitter, or Tumblr, or Grindr. Who can remember?



I love when hot dudes get dressed up –or down– in sexy costumes for Halloween.
I bet you do, too. Here are almost 50 inspiring costumes, tricks and treats, with and without their hard cocks un-costumed.


Theirry Pepin and his Big Snake

Actor-model and utterly gorgeous Canadian Theirry Pepin has been known to shake his snake, from undie commercials and ads to gay porn.

As The Backlot reports, Pepin is featured in a promo video for some hot underwear, in which he strips, gets into a tent and before a big snake can attack him... well, watch and enjoy.


Great, Scott!

So, apparently, openly gay actors showing off their cocks, even with ejaculated sperm, is "trending."
 Scott Evans, the soap actor and gay brother of Chris Evans, showed off his nice body, erect penis, and even a handful of cum, for someone, apparently. And for that, we are thankful, if not a little confused.



It's the butt end of the week and I'm holed up at home taking up the rear for my ass master.

Butts! Just because. I'm thinking about getting a new laptop so I can jack off to porn while kneeling in bed or on the floor, my ass raised high and a lubed up finger (or dick-shaped object) up my butt.

Of course, reading my porn tales on a Kindle would work in that position, too. There are lots of hot buttfucking scenes in my three Kindle porn story collections, BONE, RAHM and POKE.


Pavel's Problem

Pavel Patel is a famous DJ and sexy fashion icon.

His problem is, he lives in the Ukraine.
Russia just outlawed "gay propaganda" in June.
He in trubbl, gurl.



Yes, they're all fake, just like his recent "showmance" with a certain actress.


Gez Marshall: a Knockout!

Gez Marshall is a handsome Irish boxer.

He's a horny straight guy. He loves boobs.

He also likes showing off his enormous, stupendous erect penis. Well, wouldn't you if you had such a ginormous uncut sex tool?


Gary Boyd: a really BIG talent!

Ah, Gary Boyd. A size queen's wet dream. such a huge cock just makes your butt moist thinking about it. Howe those bottoms ever managed to get plowed by his gargantuous penis must have required a lot of poppers and lube.


Book of Genesis

Jake Genesis has quit porn. (source: Men of Porn).

He says, as a practicing Catholic that it's "degrading, yada yada yada."

Why are the pretty ones always nuts?

You'd think he would have realized that getting videotaped baring your butthole and cock-riding other happier homo studs until you spew jism wasn't the most holy of acts. But opinions differ.

But at least he already has the skillset for being a practicing Catholic: duplicity, sexual kinks, and a whole lotta guilt.

I'm just curious. Was it the 30th time he had a hot dick slamming his ass on camera that he realized it wasn't for him? Or the 50th?

Was it the 100th time a guy jizzed on his chest or face that he finally came -ahem- to the eureka moment and figured out it just wasn't his cuppa tea?

Frankly, the only thing degrading about porn is making lousy porn. And I have yet to find a scene that he made that was anything but quite amusing.

Sad to see him go.

Perhaps he'll join a semen-ary.


Paddy O'Fuck Him? Sure!

Ah, St. Patrick's Day, when non-Irish people have an excuse to enact the drunken stereotypes of an entire race, while actual Irish people look askance at such inebriated behavior, and scorn at the mere thought of green beer.


Pop on Pop

Do you like to spy on guys?
Public cocks; are they your prize?


Burnin' Love

Porn dude Donny Wright has been arrested for masturbating in a Kentucky fire station.

That's hot.

Gawker reports, and followed up with the firm grasp of the gay obvious, that Gonzales has a career of horndoggery. So many questions. Why didn't he just wait to make a porn video set in a fire station, so he could go all out, and actually fuck on a fire truck? Because it's been done?

The other pressing question is, what the fuck was he doing in Kentucky? Well, apparently, he was bored and breaking into fire stations to furiously masturbate over (on? at? with? while wearing?) the local firefighters' gear.


Marky Marked

Graham Norton Show. Best interview in a while.

Drunk Mark Wahlberg tells a tale of his son punching Dwayne Johnson in the nuts, while amply showing his own in a tightly fitting suit. totally "Men at Play' scene one. Somebody make some fake cock shots so Marky can follow up on his bet with Fassbinder.

"I wanna have a big dick contest," he joked, followed by "But I left mine back at the hotel."

The contents of his pants prove otherwise:



Do you know how difficult it is to hit Control Shift 3 while ejaculating?

Yeah, these are (slightly edited) screengrabs of my computer, showing several porn flicks I have enjoyed at the moment of reaching my tickle spot. Author Chuck Palahniuk says "Everything is autobiography."

So read me.


Group Grope

Because fucking ten guys is ten times better!