G-Spot Salad

So, this little cutie's either got a really sensitive ass, or his pal's got a really talented tongue. Maybe it's both! (download link is long gone.)

I know that when my sex pals find my G-spot (i.e. near the prostate), I have been known to spurt spontaneously that way, too, and make a guy do the same.

Remember, guys, your butt is a sex organ. Enjoy it!


Cum n Go

So, I haven't been posting - actually, I've saved several posts as drafts, waiting out what was/is supposed to be some huge pogrom of gay sex blogs, now that Google has taken over Blogger.

According to several of the most popular blogs, which had been eliminated by the new Google masters, allegedly all such blogs are being unceremoniously dumped. And it was supposed to happen the day after Valentine's Day. Quelle ironie, as the French say. The hottest blog, Tom in Paris, is fini. Here's his last migrated version.

Google's original motto, you may know, was "Don't be evil." Well, they've bent that quite a few times: providing personal info to search engine users, tracking us, helping Communist China (yes, it's still communist, no matter how much business they do with the U.S., like financing our debt, which should alert you to the inevitability that China will one day own half the U.S) censor any information about Tiennamann Square protests, gay info in China, etc.

Unceremoniously dumping adult blogs that specialize in ongoing copyright infringement, and deleting copyrighted show segments on YouTube (which Google bought for a billion) may not be "evil," but it's unpleasant. The frontier days of the internet are over. They're playing by the rules, and people who steal stuff on a big scale aren't going to get away with it - except the Chinese, it seems, who specialize in pirating movies.

In my work, there has always been a certain level of editorial content use that's allowed. If I'm reviewing a film or photographer, I won't get in trouble if I use a few pics. Never have. But posting an entire gallery of copyrighted pics or videos is not "editorializing," it's theft. We've all enjoyed the benefits of this since the first homo decided to post nudie pics online. I'm not about to sue anyone, or raise a fuss, until it's my work being ripped off.

As for the insipid comments made by an anonymous weasel in the War, War is Stupid post, claiming that gay erotica and politics have nothing in common; uh, no. Sexuality has always been politicized, especially lately, and I, like you, have every right to write, say, or post anything we want, especially on our own blogs, and if you don't like it, there are a kajillion other blogs for people to micro-view to their own specialized hearts' content.

I mean, jeez, Kerry was practically defeated by some fraudulent rightwing bloggers, that and massive election fraud in Ohio (this time).

So, hopefully by 2009 we will be more able to joke about the heinous rightwing government now screwing things up here, in Iraq, and all over the planet.

Until I get dumped from here, I really don't have the time to transfer everything. I mean, this is for fun, not a job. And getting off online isn't something you should do at your job, like this guy, who sued IBM for firing him. He blames his post-war freakiness on his 'net sex addiction. (See, war and sex, mixing again!)

Frankly, while I appreciate the industrial initiative, I don't understand how some guys can relentlessly find, convert, and post so many porn movies online. This blog is more about commenting on amusing and controversial topics, not just posting sexy pics and movies. Because not only do I have a big cock, I also have a big brain.

And speaking of intent, the reason I revved up this blog was to find an audience and get you in gear for something exactly on topic to this whole rant; sexuality, revolution, repression and all that, and my way of pissing off rightwingers and amusing others.

Q-FAQ s my first novel, and it won't be out until this summer, but you are definitely going to be hearing about it.

Q-FAQ. A slightly futuristic whirlwind adventure of two studs on a trek across a strange America.

You can order a copy now, and be among the first to get a copy. Right now, the cover isn't even designed, and I haven't gone through the proofs yet, but believe me, you're going to want to read this, if you like fun sexy stories, and a darkly funny take on politics.


Tight Ends

So, Sunday's the SuperBowl.
I couldn't even tell you who's playing; the Colts and somebody else.
So what? The only thing I like about football are when the guys wear white pants and you can see their asses. and later, fuck them.

I fucked a college football player in a locker room once, right on a pile of dirty practice shirts. He had the most amazing muscled ass. Afterward he said, "Man, I can't believe you licked my ass so long!"

I said, "I can't believe nobody ever licked your ass!"

I took home a cluster of jocks straps as a souvenir.