Dig In!

(Spider-Man rims Uncle Sam as the balloons are prepped the night before today's Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade.)

Happy Holidays! If you're not into turkey, how about some beef? Some of our bravest and hottest made a tribute video to some cheerleaders making one of a gajillion "Call Me Maybe" videos. Let's hope the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell means at least one of these hotties (can you tell who's my fave?) isn't just pretending to be a little sassy. I couldn't resist making a few screencaps of the cuties.


Purple Haze

So, a few years ago, my scifi-rotica parody tale Q-FAQ got published. But then the publisher conked out and you have to scrape the barrel of used books for sale to get a copy. Yeah, it got some tepid reviews here and there.

But AfterElton.com rated it as 2007's Best Gay Science fiction book. So there.

And heady sexy mythos-themed blog Gosporn called me and my book "prophecy." So there. Actually, he called me an "Apocalyptic Queen." (Goodness!).

"Tom envisions the divided state of the near future America, split tidily along red state, blue state lines. Watching the continuing polarization of the Union, it makes me wonder. I imagine the U.S. split in twain, with Sarah Palin and the Fundies running the red states. They will immediately attempt to regain God’s favor by banning homosexuality, work on Sunday, Islam, and Lady Gaga! In other words, a bunch of our brothers and sisters may suddenly be caught behind enemy lines! "



I've been a bit distracted by the awfulness of Hurricane Sandy. Although I live uptown and a few floors up, and was thereby saved from any direct damage to my modest home, my friends downtown have been suffering. So of course I invited a few temporarily displaced (hot) pals up for sleepovers! and the first thing they needed, other than warmth, clean clothes and food, was a hot shower or two, or three. one of the guys brought a 12-pack of beer, thinking, hey, if the world's ending, we might as well get drunk. And that led to a very busy bathroom, which led, too, well, other activities.