To shnop: to look with no intention of buying. To not shop.

Here are some things I shnopped on Ebay.


Adult Entertainment

Whew! I'm so relieved my blog finally got a Mature Content warning. I do not want just anyone visiting! But I'm glad you're here.

I have no theme this time. Just arbitrary fun; random vintage-ish pics.

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Cooper Cronk's Crack

While I'm on a sports jag (off)...the hottest exposed ass in the entire history of rugby dacking; Cooper Cronk's gorgeous ass exposed! Yeah, it happened a few years ago, but that butt is timeless!


Post-Game (un)Wrap-up

Monday morning armchair cockwagging?

Well, what did I tell you? The SuperBlow is gay, even when straight porn is insertted into the game for Tucson AZ viewers. In a bit straight outta Fight Club, some technician (deliberately, I'd bet $5) stuck in a rather innocuous moment from an Evan stone sex video where he gets his pants undone and flops his big cock.

Censored version here.

Uncensored version here.

Well, well.

Oh, and here's a nude photo of Steelers player Santonio Holmes that wasn't aired on TV.

Here's some football shots, just because.