Think Pink!

There can be no more enticing image than hugely hung Brazilian strippers' huge cocks nearly bursting out of pink tights. Love the hats. So cute. It's proving very popular on YouTube, and I'm astounded it hasn't been censored. Perhaps horndogs of any gender can enjoy such a talented display of dancerly dongs.

It is a dangerous thing to share, as it may induce paroxysms of pleasure to the viewer. But it is a fine note to bid a vacation for this blogger. Enjoy. Back by the next moon.

Pop Goes the Weenie

OMG, I love this; hot stud, race, sweat, cocki pop-out!
On national TV!
Sweet enough when it happens in front of you, like me, so many high school games and whatnot... guys in phys ed just bulging out of their shorts.

But here's some dumb hot hunk named Marcus on Survivor Gabon showing his cock as it bounces around through the fly in his boxer shorts.

This is the second time some dumb straight suckable fuck dude has done this. Great for ratings, I guess.

The other guy's the gay one. He'll bag Marcus, no doubt; suck that cock until it kizzes down his throat.
I mean, jeez, the guy's got his dick flopping all over the place.


Leo Rising

Leo Giananni, or Gianookie?

He gets fucked, too. But he's not very good at it.



I Need a Hero

I was going to make a tribute post to the Republican National Convention, but a montage of assholes, cunts, and pregnant teenage girls didn't sound too appealing.

Instead, here's an array of heroic men in uniform, like those who'll be helping evacuees of hurricanes and other national disasters ... like the Republican National Convention.

Given the choice between fucking a muscly Minneapolis policeman and a scrawny anarchist twink, I'd put politics aside for a beefy ass. I mean, really, the violent tactics of some protestors doesn't help a bit. To greatly paraphrase Ghandi, "What the fuck, dudes?"