I Like Mike

Magic Mike is a hit!

"It's the Citizen Kane of stripper movies!" exalts Entertainment Weekly film critic Libby Gelman-Waxner (who is actually gay playwright Paul Rudnick).

Of course, EW would like it, and they had a fun multi-page advance preview of the film, and guess what? The film conglomorate that's released it also part of the media conglomorate that owns EW!

But that show biz bias aside, despite its hetero-focus, the movie is fun, and sexy. But my gays wanna know the important stuff; How much nudity is there? Vulture.com explains it all for you.


Eric Rhodes, R.I.P.

(Don't tell me this is in bad taste. He posed for it. It's from one of his videos. He most probably ODed and they're covering it up; they being the hypocritical cannibalistic porn industry that chews through men like him every day.)

A quote from Eric's (James Elliott Naughtin) prophetic and self-tortured blog posts (now closed), via Gawker:

"Oh... i have given myself and expiration date, kinda like a carton of milk. You can't expect things to last forever, and with the way things are going, 30, i'm just gonna call it quits. That's if i even make it to 30. If things get better then i might change my mind but, that is what is engraved in my brain at the moment."


Big Gulp

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Todd the Bod

Todd Sanfield's got a new book out, Motel/Hotel. You don't see much more than we've already seen. Well, a few pages of up close crotch, but not $65 worth. No fully hard visible cock, a few nice softies, and a butt shot of three that show his booty and beauty.