Sexualizing Santa: hung holiday hunks

December has just begun, but like your enthusiastic neighbor who doesn't wait until a moment after Thanksgiving to put up holiday decorations and annoying blinking lights, I'm gonna dive into my stocking and share some pics of hot guys in Santa gear, and not much else.

Let's start off with some naughty and nice Henry Cavill AI fakes, the hottest trend since Cabbage Patch Kids.

You have to wonder if the super hunk has seen these marvels, he being a self-confessed nerd.


 For more treats, follow Dad's Spank Bank on Twitter. Also, Cavill Slave is a king of AI Henry images,

And here's an old-fashioned Photoshop Santa Cavill. Seems kinda quaint by comparison.
Santa's been sexualized for decades, as shown in this vintage 1980s cover of Mandate.

Decorate with balls and buns:

And now for more naughty and nice:


Ginger spice and their cocks taste nice: a redheaded men tribute


My autumnal tribute to the beauty of redheaded, and red-pubed, men. They're pumpkiny orange, and spicily sexy.


Celebrating Seamen: 'Doin' the Town' readers

It's been a while since I posted, so here's a big bulging basket of thanks to the hundreds of readers of my sexy sailor novella, "Doin' the Town." If you haven't read it, you can snag the fun, plus all my other works Bone, Rahm, Poke and Q-FAQ, on my Amazon.com page

 Now, enjoy some hot sailors:









AI nudies gone wild: Artificial Intelligence porn has a long way to go.

Well, it looks like everyone is going crazy over artificial intelligence visuals and text. Have the robots finally taken over?

Not exactly.

I decided to give it a try on the website https://sexy.ai/ that I found online. It offers free accounts to create a few at a time. You can pay to get better results, but the right amount of descriptive terms generates something.

I started with my usual erotic fantasies; naked Vikings in the woods, cowboys, Roman gladiators, and wrestlers like John Cena, whose face lends itself to comic erotica. I'm not a very creative person, it seems, because it was wacky and zany what was produced. You have to be very specific with male muscle and other adjectives and words to get the kind of thing you want.

The problem with AI erotica is that the algorithms are not programmed for male bodies very easily, specifically genitalia. Despite a “homoerotic” filter, it seems like more often it's for female subjects and the penises often look like vaginas turned inside out. I did not screen capture some of the more grotesque samples because they were like something out of Francis Bacon gone science fiction horror show.

But here are a few standard ones with at least some semblance of reality. Of course the ones where the penises are connected between two men offers a whole new kind of erotica, nothing that I had ever thought of before. I don't think I want to think about it again.

Connected at the cock:


Jason Stark Naked: a tribute to the (former) Aussie dildo king

 A few years ago, my post about Jason Stark, the big muscled, square-jawed Aussie stud –known for numerous cam shows where he lovingly stuffed his smooth butt with a variety of dildos while masturbating– became one of my most popular posts, with half a million views.

Last month, Blogger decided it was bad, naughty, had malicious c@de (WTF?) and took it down.

Undaunted, despite the recent abrupt demise of newTumbl, continued restriction on Tumblr, and whatever the fuck is going on with Twitter, I decided to redo my Jason Stark tribute one more time.

A few select Jason dildo JO clips are linked below. I won't be sharing longer clips privately. I don't take requests. 

Good luck finding his rare full-length clips elsewhere. They show up now and then. And honor Jason's porny efforts with some satisfying dildo action of your own!


 Let's get to the nudes!


Fame, whores. Fake celebrity nudes flood the internet with big boners and bountiful butts

 What is it about fake nudes that gets so many people's lust going? Is fame an aphrodisiac? I guess so. I used to make a few back in the Photoshop 3.0 days. But now, the proliferation of popular pricks and puckered holes paired with porn penises and pooty-holes is astounding. For us gay guys, sucking and fucking with male celebrities is still a turn-on.

Here are just a few fun faves.



Towel Dancing; locker room teasers and wild wet wonderful men

 There's something about that moment when a guy drops his towel in a locker room to show it all. And who doesn't love a good tease? 

I recall a few times in my college shower room where a handsome RA I'd been flirting with for months stood at the sink next to me and we both shaved, or he began to, until he opened his towel to readjust it and momentarily displayed his half-erect cock, and saw me sneaking a peek. 

What happened next? Well, perhaps my latest sexy mix, "Towel Dancing," will give you a visual idea. It's got 100+ hot guys in and out of towels, and toward the end, in each other.



My mix got deleted; will re-upload soon.