Santa, Baby! Jaxton Wheeler as Santa Cock

Well, this is pretty much all I'd want for Christmas. Jaxton Wheeler dressed up like Kris Kringle, bare-fucking my ass. Talk about a stuffed stocking! (embedded clip after the jump).

Happy holidays, folks!


Thus Poked Zayas' Thruster: Miguel Zayas, hot str8 porn stud!

Whether he's posing coyly in photos on his Twitter account, performing romantic love scenes with mood lighting, or slam-banging fuck scenes on stage before a live audience at sex conventions, Spanish stud Miguel Zayas is the hot new thing. He's hot clean-shaven, with scruff, but what really attracted me is his new bearded look. His thick cock has plenty of foreskin, and his amazing back tattoo trails down to his utterly perfect ass.


Christmas Cuties and Holiday Horndogs

Y'all know how much I LOVE Christmas, er, Solstice, er, Santa, Krampus, whatever. It's a fun time, and wearing nothing much more than a little red hat gets these guys hard.


Studly Saint Nick: A Very Cougar Christmas: 90s porn stud refound

While digging out the holiday gay apparel, I found a box of old VHS porn, and almost threw out one that had my first scene found of chunky blond pale-assed stud Nick Cougar.  

Actually, I'd forgotten his name until Xhampster had several with his name credits, which I found while looking for Michael Parks clips. Well, he also used the names Nick Carrington and Adam Rose. It's hard to find his clips, with terms "cougar" leading to older women and anime porn.
DVDs and VODs are a dime a dozen now, but frak eBay and POD. LOL!

Well, Christmas cums early for me! 



Nothing clever this time; just a bunch of random shots of hot asses.


Hot Dudes in Costumes; 2015 edition

It's a bit late, or never too late, for pics of hot dudes in costumes for Halloween and comic cons, plus a few guys who really like pumpkins.


Gus Kenworthy - free-ski stud is now out and proud!

from ESPN: "Gus Kenworthy started coming out to his family and closest friends nearly two years ago. His mom said she knew. His brother said he was proud. His best friend 
voiced unrelenting support. 

"And if Gus Kenworthy were an average 24-year-old, the announcement -- the story -- might have ended there. 

But Gus Kenworthy is not an average 24-year-old. He is the top freeskier on the planet, and an Olympic medalist!

Here's the ESPN video and web interview!

And here are some of his own photos of him natural and in nature!


Greyston Holt: Smitten, and Bitten by the Hot Wolf

 "I went in the forest in Vancouver with my buddy’s dog. I went off the trail and I hiked for about an hour up, completely naked, with my buddy’s dog. Because I figured these guys are always changing in the forest and nude all the time, I gotta channel that."

—  Greyston Holt on prepping for being a werewolf in the Netflix show Bitten.
Here's our pre-Halloween tribute to the hottest studliest fuck me now-est werewolf on TV and movies in years.


Sylvain Potard: Stade France calendar model, MMA fighter jacked off and fucking a gal!

We all love the homoerotic shots of the 16 previous Stade France nude male calendars. Although some have gone a bit too arty, other years, we enjoyed some full-on shots of muscular butts and big uncut wieners. 

But nothing prepared us for a guest appearance by super-hung French MMA fighter Sylvain Potard, whom we previously witnessed masturbating furiously, and even fucking a lady bare.  Mon dieux, indeed!

This teaser clip shows some bum, and the new array of gorgeous ruggers, and guest athletes who will pose nude for the 2016 calendar.

Jackoff fans remember him from Keum Gay's masturbation series, where straight guys have their onanistic limits pushed (Sylvain pushed aside a gay helper off-camera, after allowing some massage and fondling).

Here he is jacking his delicious cock!


Closing Time?


(You better get going on mine and download all the nekkid pictures. Just got this in the mail:)

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The new policy will go into effect on the 23rd of March 2015. After this 
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but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the 
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For more information, please read here 

The Blogger Team


Kilt to Please

Ever wonder what's up a man's kilt? Well, it's kind of obvious. 

If you're aware of male anatomy, you know what to expect. Yet the sexy mystery of what's hangin' free and easy under a tartan plaid is easily explainable, and viewable, especially after the skirted studs have had a few pints.

Yet, the erotic underworld of a kilt remains a fascination, even for non-Scots! Let's take a long gander, shall we?


Squirrel-sexy: Julian Edelman

Gorgeous football stud Julian Edelman; fashion icon, beardy bro, ball handler, ladies' man, smoothie maker.  Just some pics and gifs, including that one. 
But no, I wouldn't have taken any in bed afterward... but probably during.


Popo-pourri: pissing with pro ballers, fucking priests and guzzling cum

A tempting trio of news items would have been fine as single posts, but since they all came at me, so to speak, at once, let me just gangbang the topics all together.

First off, a former Kristen Bjorn porn actor is now an anti-gay pastor, a religious fundie pastor at that, which is unfortunate, since he was so good at taking erect cocks up his beautiful ass. Now he's just an ass.


Big Gulp

Here's an old post I forgot I had in my Draft index.

A while back, Gawker released a YouTube link to the Fear Factor never-before-aired "donkey sperm and piss guzzler" episode. 

For those who forgot, Fear Factor was one of those stupid and horrifying TV game shows where people do stupid and horrifying things for money; like whores, but with scorpions.
That link's still there, but now only a foreign website has the guts (or jizz?) to save it and repost it, at least the Danish subtitled version, on The Blemish.

Of course, for some gay men, guzzling piss and cum isn't a game show, it's just Saturday night.
Frankly, I know I would have won, hands down, provided that instead Fear Factor host Joe Rogan had wanked a bit of his own cum, In fact, I would drink Joe Rogan's piss right from the hose.

But...whatever. It's cum, people. the juice of life.


Jonathan Heat Martinez: stripper perfection

Jonathan Martinez, the Latin Heat, Dominican sensation; whatever his name is, he's a great stripper.

And on a few occasions, he's shown off his great big cock!