Theirry Pepin and his Big Snake

Actor-model and utterly gorgeous Canadian Theirry Pepin has been known to shake his snake, from undie commercials and ads to gay porn.

As The Backlot reports, Pepin is featured in a promo video for some hot underwear, in which he strips, gets into a tent and before a big snake can attack him... well, watch and enjoy.

Here's a YouTube link to that video.

Theirry is also known for showing off his flaccid cock in the model-turned-whore film, Danny in the Sky.

He's also posed nearly nude for underwear companies.

Of course, many fans know of Thierry's gay porn video, in which his sturdy erect cock is on display, he sucks his partner's cock, and gets his delicious ass fucked before spewing a far-shooting load of sperm. Here's that wonderful moment early in his career.

And here's the link to that video if the embedded version doesn't show up: http://www.myvidster.com/video/17413536/Male_Super_Model_Thierry_Pepin_Bottoms 

And for that, we love him all the more. The End.

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