Just a short video of a pouty young stud showing off his BIG talent.


Rugby is the Gayest

Sorry, wrestling, but rugby is gayer than you are.

Wrestlers may wear tights, grab each others' dicks and asses on the mat, but they don't rip off their clothes in pubs and get drunk afterward, then smooch each other and jack each other off.

And wrestlers certainly don't make videos of themselves doing all that.

Fortunately, rugger buggers do.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Sorry, wrestling. Rugby's gayer than you are.

Your French compadres pretty much established that with its annual nude calendars. Gayer than Gay Gayerson.

And all those ultra serious gay rugby clubs getting documentaries made about them because they're so butch and manly, and have a dead hero to worship who allegedly saved people or tried to, even though Dick Cheney ordered their plane shot down, which nobody talks about - sorry, you're still gay, and I mean that not in the smug "just as good as anyone else pride" way.

I mean it in the Barbara Kruger "you invent intricate rituals that allow you to touch the skin of other men" kind of gay way.

Rugby, you're the gayest.


Carl's Hard Wick

It was a long time coming, but ever since I saw those first demur pics of Rusty Jeffers in Playgirl's Real Man of the Month layout, I thought, man, some day, I am gonna see that guy's hard dick, and he is gonna jack off for me.

Well, it took a few years, but even after he made an appearance on Tv on some afternoon talk show, Maury Povich, I think, and showed off his smooth bod and tightly stuffed bikini, I thought; there is more to come.

Boy, was I right. Rusty got a full Playgirl spread, but even that wasn't enough. I sensed there were bigger things for Rusty, i.e., bigger harder erection shots.

So when Rusty became "Carl Hardwick" and posed nude for Colt Studios, unshaven, and then fully thickeningly droolingly erect, I was happy.

When he made his first videos, I salivated but was disapointed when he only showered and stroked his dick a bit after chopping some wood.

Yet somehow, I knew more was to cum.

And cum he did. Hardwick's next videos for the illustrious Colt Studio unleashed a few of my favorite jack-off gushing cum shots. the man really can shoot a nice load. And his cock just seemed to get bigger with each wank session.

But his sexuality has always been straight, so I'm told. Yet his deserved narcissism makes him an honorary gay.

He's gone on to shave his head bald, lose his hot handlebar mustache, and beef up even more in bodybuilding competitions, where he has won a lot, and where many of the other competitors are available for private muscle worship sesions.

I was told a story by a fellow fan who said he heard that Carl had been paid to expensive private party jack-off performances timed somewhere around his calendar signings. But I can't verify that.

I do know that being given the opportunity to watch him wank up close, and catch a few tasty gobs of his semen would be worth paying for.

Too bad Carl's never gone further in that direction, and has stopped posing fully nude. The gossip was that despite his immense populairty via Colt, he never made much money doing that work.

On his current website, he looks more like a bronze statue than the naturally hairy big-dicked stud I prefer. There are some hot teen pics of him, and links to galleries and forums. like his Yahoo Group, which also says, "no Carl Hardwick pics or discussion" allowed. He does training and has gone totally pro bodybuilding (i.e., better living through chemistry).

Here's a downloadable 25 mg zip folder of Carl's best images.



Happy July 4. Our country's president is one of the most hated, idiotic men on the planet, but it will outlast his idiocy.


Pride Package: Brian Dawson

(I know it's July, but I got more pics, and hey; some cities still have yet to hold their Pride celebrations, so there).

When I first started jacking off to images of Brian Dawson, he was married with a kid and posed in Playgirl magazine.

The last time I jacked off to Brian Dawson, he was whipping a tied-up Trenten Comeaux's ass in a warehouse in the video Steel Dungeon. Brian went from "straight" model to SM gay sex daddy in a few decades. I knew my gaydar was on target, even when he didn't know he was gay. What's up with that?

I mean, whoah.