The Fame Whore

Reichen Lehmkuhl always seemed to me as a bit of a fame whore.

Despite his bounty of "philanthropical" (sic) works, which include basically showing up at parties, his entire look (major plastic surgery that removed every goofy-cute aspect of his original face), and his Razzie-worthy acting gigs left me cold.

But now I can be a little heated up as he, and several blogs attest, has shown all his goods, by masturbating on Cam4.

Wow. Somebody give this guy a GLAAD Award. I mean, really. What could be more uplifting and supportive than a positive portrayal of safe sex techniques and a wholesome display of his well-muscled body and nicely average penis? Isn't he now the outest gay male celebrity in out gay male celebrity-dom?

I'm kind of not joking.

Proof in the pud(ding):




Is this The End of his career, or a nude beginning?