Stripperama 2022: best moments of male strippers showing off their manhoods

If you follow me here and on any of my social media, you know I have a great affection for male strippers. Having been a gogo guy in my youth, I'm both thankful and regretful that there is scant documentation of my lithe terpsichorian talents at a few long-gone nightclubs of New York City's past. 

But that may be part of why I enjoy the current bounty of booty and boners, clips of sexy studs strutting their stuff on stages around the world.

I even included not one but two scenes of stripper sex in my horny sailor novella ebook, 'Doin' the Town,' which you should get for your own present. Find out what it's like to make your nude debut at the historic Gaiety Theatre, and the backstage fun the guys get into to get it up!

As a special holiday treat for you, I've linked –and below, embedded– my most expansive compilations, and in a few clips, cum-pilations, of guys getting it on, taking it off, and in some of these collections, getting off onstage.

Here's to all the enthusiastic fans who shared their nights out with strip show clips, and mostly to all the hot men who wagged their dicks, rock hard or flopping, for our collective pleasure. And be sure to download your faves in case they get censored. Each one has had thousands of views, but you never know. My views reached a collective million on PornHub before they gutted my collection. I re-uploaded most of them on BoyfriendTV.

So, follow me on Twitter, NewTumbl, BoyfriendTV, and here, of course. (Reuploaded after some crank reported a few of these.)

and this unusual treat:


Truck suck n fuck

J'ever have sex in or on a truck?