Git Yer Kit Off!

A late Christmas present: a Brit soccer fuck and wankfest!

Here's the scandalous story in The Sun!

Three Sunderland Football Club players filmed themselves “roasting” (Brit for orgy-fucking) a busty female fan. Sunderland keeper Ben Alnwick, 19, winger Liam Lawrence, 24, and striker Chris Brown, 21, all took part in the orgy.
Seems the boys are enjoying jacking off to the sight of their teammate doing all the fucking, while they get more excited watching him than her. So does the clumsy cameraman!


If some reader knows how to download this and post it on rapidshare, etc., I'm sure it would appreciated.

"The seven-minute video shows England under-21 star Alnwick winking at the camera as he has sex with her. Then Woods — still wearing his jumper — is shown performing a sex act on himself.

Brown — who does Match of the Day style commentary throughout — hints their orgy antics are a regular fixture when he says of the two clothed pals: “Here’s the boys — the watching faithful — every week without fail.”

Chairman Niall Quinn and manager Roy Keane were said to be furious with the players, who will almost certainly face disciplinary action.

Club spokesperson Lesley Callaghan said yesterday: “It is obviously disappointing and we will be handling this matter internally.”
Republic of Ireland squad member Lawrence was sent on loan to Stoke City last month, while Alnwick has agreed to join Tottenham Hotspur in January for around £1million. Woods was released in the summer. The decision to let the trio go had nothing to do with the video — club officials only found out about it when we showed it to them yesterday.

Woods may escape a “hairdryer” rollicking the others are set to suffer at the hands of Keane.

Rotherham United spokesman Paul Douglas said last night: “It’s a private matter.”"

Not any more!! hehe.


Stocking Stuffer

Oh, what a package.
Str8cam Jeffy jackin his drizzle all over my tree! Santa, please make my wish cum true!

Happy horny holidays!

If you're home for the holidays, remember, there are lots of horny str8 guys like Jeff - okay, very few who look like Jeff - who want a real blow job their harried wives can't provide.

Be sure to give - head and ass- this holiday season!


Truth Sayers

To celebrate my 200,000th visit (I know, some gay nude bloggers have a million; so, I'm relatively new to the scene), I'm showing some recent pics of my favorite former wrestler turned super model, Joseph Sayers.

As you may know, little Joe first posed nude for a certain fellow who got Joe to show everything. He was just 18, and had goals of being in Playgirl, I've heard, although the pics were more in line with a more graphic gay publication.
I recall nearly spending a few hundred dollars to peruse the full array of pics sold on Ebay, of Joseph showing his butthole, his hard dick, and well, a lot of other sexy yet poorly shot pics.

Later, of course, Bruce Weber shot Joe in some relatively tame frontal shots.

However, brilliant photographer Joe Oppedisano convinced Joseph, a very popular model by now, to bare it all again, in some much better composed images in his luscious book, Testosterone.

True, Joe isn't showing a stiff erection like Mr. Ed*lson got, but the quality is much better.

And hey, you can see Joe's dicky right there on Amazon.com!

See? Good things come to (but not yet on) those who wait.

I know, I'm repeating some images. Are you gonna complain? I didn't think so.


Freedom, Free Cum

I have a hot muscled stud jacking off here, but one reason I rarely post Xtube or Pornotube.com links is how fast they go away, or get deleted. Sometimes it doesn't show up.

Anyway, here's a screencap from a gushing Latino ejaculation. That clip, and others, are collected on good round-up of the latest linkable jack off and fuck short vids, as recommended in the comments, on this nice blog: http://x-tube.blogspot.com/


Drool, Brittannia

According to the site Way Odd, Prince Harry likes to have some fun in his military barracks by exposing himself. The young royal reportedly likes to parade the corridors of his army barracks in the nude and get a good chuckle out of his fellow soldiers.

The 22-year-old recently graduated from Sandhurst Military Training Academy and has since moved to new barracks, where his naked antics have earned him the nickname "Dirty Harry."

According to Britain's Daily Star newspaper, a source said, "The boys think it's hilarious to see Harry walking up and down the corridor. He's very confident around the barracks."

The young prince, who has joined the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals, has reportedly made the habit of walking to the shower block in the Wellington Barracks wearing nothing but a very small towel.

Harry is said to be very proud of his body and not at all shy when it comes to stripping off in the shower block.

Sources at the barracks say his fellow officers jokingly wolf whistle, as he walks down the corridor.

Last week, it was revealed Harry is set to begin battle training, fueling speculation he could be sent to war.

Earlier this year, Harry allegedly threatened to leave the army if he was banned from fighting on the front line.

It has also been reported that if he is sent to battle, bodyguards would accompany him.