Burnin' Love

Porn dude Donny Wright has been arrested for masturbating in a Kentucky fire station.

That's hot.

Gawker reports, and followed up with the firm grasp of the gay obvious, that Gonzales has a career of horndoggery. So many questions. Why didn't he just wait to make a porn video set in a fire station, so he could go all out, and actually fuck on a fire truck? Because it's been done?

The other pressing question is, what the fuck was he doing in Kentucky? Well, apparently, he was bored and breaking into fire stations to furiously masturbate over (on? at? with? while wearing?) the local firefighters' gear.


Marky Marked

Graham Norton Show. Best interview in a while.

Drunk Mark Wahlberg tells a tale of his son punching Dwayne Johnson in the nuts, while amply showing his own in a tightly fitting suit. totally "Men at Play' scene one. Somebody make some fake cock shots so Marky can follow up on his bet with Fassbinder.

"I wanna have a big dick contest," he joked, followed by "But I left mine back at the hotel."

The contents of his pants prove otherwise: