The Kindest Cut

Oh, lordy. The world has ended.

The most perfect uncut dick is no more.
Erik Rhodes got circumcised!

Now, we should all support someone's decision to alter his body however he sees fit.

Rhodes expresses his decision on his blog. Seems there was some pain from that tight skin, and as he says, perhaps it was time to "change it up."

Okay. Fleshbot says: "Maybe next time Erik should switch it up with a new pair of shoes, or growing a beard. Anything involving a knife and one's penis seems like overkill."

At first I was pissed! off.

I wanna suck it once before he got it cut, like THIS.

But we can still enjoy the rest of him unchanged, like his amazingly accommodating ass:

I will miss that beautiful slip of flesh sliding back and forth over his beautiful cock tip. Now it's...different, and we'll enjoy it, and his previous videos as his uncut self.

I suppose if you really want to savor his old style, you can buy a copy:



The Rapture's allegedly coming this weekend.
I thought I would, too.

If the world's gonna end, might as well do it enjoying your favorite pastime.
For me, swinging, bouncing cocks, and slurpin' on dancer dicks does it.

Sausage Party, the Gay version
's hot, too.