Goal Tender

Brazilian soccer goalie Rafael Cordova was featured on the cover of the September issue of G Magazine. They sure get the hot futbulistas.

In an interview, Cordova said there are gays in the Brazilian league, and that he sympathizes with their situation.

But after the announcement that he would appear naked in Brazil's G, many fans vilified him even though he says he is heterosexual.

"The fans want me fired," Cordova told Veja newsmagazine. "We lost three matches in a row and who do you think they are putting the blame on?"

I think they're just jealous because he's so hot.

Speaking of sports, homophobia, and hot guys, here's a blog about gay Black issues, with a lot of sports posts, too.

Here's an interview with Rafael in Portuguese. Feel free to translate and post in comments! (I think in one reply, he says his penis is 20 centimeters.)


Meanwhile, two University of Florida football (the US kind) jocks got a lot of attention when the Black stud kissed the white stud on the field. They're roommates, too. Mr Joiner (the kisser) and Mr. Tebow (the kissee) are both frickin' hot. Here's another article making a fuss about it. Mr. Towle, of course, had a post.

"That's my roommate. I love him. We've grown close." - Mr. Joiner, of Mr. Tebow.

That is so sweet to know!

Here's an article about Tebow that inlcudes Kenny Chesney, pajamas, and some other cryptically gay content.

Tim Tebow is quite popular in Florida. His fans are fanatics. I think it's great that Mr. Tebow likes to lick his friends and kiss his roommate. I would like to lick Tebow from head to toe, a hundred times.


Burning Desire

Sorry it has been more than a month since I posted anything. I was on vacation, in Italy and Greece. Sadly, I smelled, but didn't see, the terrible fires in Greece, which destoryed part of the ancient Olympic grounds where all my favorite mythological gladiator movies and - I believe- the ancient gods once trod.

Plus, all the new September 11 memorials and rightwing propaganda (The surge is going great! Give us more time - oh, and a few more trillion dollars, please) infesting the news shortly after my return to New york didn't help much.

Besides, I discovered that you guys were visiting my site 2000 a day even without new posts. Anyway, I'll be back to more fun, when I'm in the mood.

Oh, and my book, Q-FAQ is bumped to October for release, but you can still pre-order it and get it in a few weeks.