Schtupping Statham

I've become so utterly fascinated by the multiply kinky aspects of the public sex scene in Jason Statham's ridiculously fun Crank High Voltage, I had to inspect it, repeatedly, over and over again. Even though we know he's not actually fucking his co-star, and wearing a cock sock, the pixelated special effects add a little more naughty fun to it all. Of course, I'd prefer to watch Jason Statham actually fuck a gal, Hell, many of us would just like to fuck him!
But until then, get a good close-up of his arse in action!



No, not Sasha Baron Cohen's ridiculous gay character and movie, but Brazilian model Bruno Spinelli!

It seems the hot hot model isn't satisfied with showing off pretty much every bit of his hot body while modeling underpants and swimwear. the caliente one decided to show of his jack off technique in a webcam video, and after viewing it on some frustratingly embedded videos on a blog or two, it finally showed up on my favorite free porn site, Tube8.com

See Bruno jack his delicious uncut pinga, show off his muscled ass, and smile for the camera. And even better, download it yourself! E bo!


Celeb Cexy

CILF: Random hot male celebs, living and gone, whom I've either had a sex dream about, or want to, or want to slurp for realz.