Oceanic Sex

Too busy at the beach to post. hehe.


Pagan Fertility Rites

Ever since I was little, I always kept my eye on the Roman soldiers in all the epic Easter Jesus Sunday Movies of the Holiday.

So, when I heard that one theory of who Jesus was, which includes his baby daddy, Pantera, who allegedly boinked Mary while Joseph wasn't watching.. it made sexy sense, in my toga-hot mind.

Tiberius Abdes Pantera : The alleged connection to Jesus derives from the interpretation of a single statement by Celsus, an anti-Christian Greek philosopher quoted by Origen in Contra Celsum. According to Origen, Celsus wrote: when she (Mary) was pregnant she was turned out of doors by the carpenter to whom she had been betrothed, as having been guilty of adultery, and that she bore a child to a certain soldier named Panthera.

So, no miracle.

And then, while looking up Pantera, I remembered, saw that there was a thrash band by that name.

And that the lead singer, Phil Pantera, is/was totally hot.

The blog Radicals For Happiness offers a thorough and fascinating essay on what the "Cult of the Berzerker" -which these days is pretty much any group of punk thrash fans, all hot and male and young and shirtless and rubbing up against each other- is.

Wouldn't the Christians go berzerk if this was true?
Da Vinci Code, my ass.

Here's Pantera with Anselmo at his hottest onstage:

And here he is running around with his cock out in a music video:
Really. I found these on one of those nude celeb websites years ago. Totally forgot about it until Easter came along.


Good to the Last Drop

Ah, Sundays, when I luxuriate in making a home-cocked meal.

No, that's not a typo. Now you can share your sperm in delicious food!

Yup, Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes explores the culinary value of semen through beautiful photographs and delectable recipes.
It's the perfect holiday gift for that special cock, er, cook, in your life.

Yes. it's a real recipe book. Yes, it is cum in cheek, er, tongue in cheek. But still, the recipes are quite appealing.

I do, however, like my cum like I like my sushi: fresh and raw.