Sylvain Potard: Stade France calendar model, MMA fighter jacked off and fucking a gal!

We all love the homoerotic shots of the 16 previous Stade France nude male calendars. Although some have gone a bit too arty, other years, we enjoyed some full-on shots of muscular butts and big uncut wieners. 

But nothing prepared us for a guest appearance by super-hung French MMA fighter Sylvain Potard, whom we previously witnessed masturbating furiously, and even fucking a lady bare.  Mon dieux, indeed!

This teaser clip shows some bum, and the new array of gorgeous ruggers, and guest athletes who will pose nude for the 2016 calendar.

Jackoff fans remember him from Keum Gay's masturbation series, where straight guys have their onanistic limits pushed (Sylvain pushed aside a gay helper off-camera, after allowing some massage and fondling).

Here he is jacking his delicious cock!