'Doin' the Town,' my naughty nautical novella, free Dec. 21-25!

Happy Holidays! "Doin' the Town," my naughty nautical novella, is free on Amazon Kindle, Dec. 21-25. Get your copy now on Amazon.com.

Gabe, Frankie and Munch are three horny Navy sailors on a 24-hour shore leave in 1990s Manhattan. While they long to see the sights, they’ve also got some urges to fill. Munch sets of with friendly Curt, and later meets Laird, a sexy artist who convinces Munch to show it all for art. Shy Frankie gets lured into a ride with Ajaz, a handsome and persistent cabbie. 

Gabe, however, becomes instantly obsessed with Gerardo, a handsome Latin muscle model, in a series of flyers he finds. He follows his mystery man to a gym for a sweaty workout, but Gerardo eludes him. 

Their next encounter takes Gabe to the famed Gaiety strip club, where Gabe ends up performing! The three sailors reconnect at Splash bar, where Gerardo, finally giving in to Gabe’s pursuit, coaxes him to gogo dance with him, and later to an all-night orgy, where everyone gets their share of action. 

This fun and erotically charged gay parody of a certain classic musical and film will satisfy your lustful craving for a triple serving of seafood.