Harlem Shake (yo dick)

ruggers shake it

Okay, this is way past old, but it's been of amusement to me for a long time.

The 'Harlem Shake' phenomenon of people doing their own versions of the hip-thrusting crazy dancing set to a 30-second excerpt from the song has long since become a passe Internet trend. 

But I found one aspect to be worth sharing; the naked versions! And I don't mean the "Naked Blizzard" version (which is cute, but not nude).

While some aspire to porny-ness, like this sadly dressed locker room version, others have gone a bit further with the sexy.


Gez Marshall: a Knockout!

Gez Marshall is a handsome Irish boxer.

He's a horny straight guy. He loves boobs.

He also likes showing off his enormous, stupendous erect penis. Well, wouldn't you if you had such a ginormous uncut sex tool?