Crazy Christian Cock!

Nothing says "Jesus Loves Me" more than clich├ęd religious iconography inked onto your flesh, right? Well, how about jackin' fer Christ?

"Paul," a new model on Sean Cody's pornylicious website, is straight, he says, and religious. Yes, Eat, for this is his body!
But notice how he and his meat puppet resemble a certain other little puppet, Davey of Davey & Goliath fame; the animated treacly Christian cartoon of yore.

So, apparently, he's goin' to heaven even though he's doing jackoff porn, and if you aren't saved, even if you never do porn, you won't. Mm-kay?

Meanwhile, totally gayfaced Catholic priest threatens his parishioners that if they voted for President-elect Obama, they should go to confession. Never mind about Father Dingle Dangle having worshipped your kids' weiners. It's a sin to vote Democrat!

And in the "Christians you don't want to fuck, but who are totally fucked up" Dept, some rightwing Christofascist whack job drove somebody off the road because they "weren't driving in a Christian way, and God told the asswipe to run the car off the highway!

I have a simple solution this idiocy.
More lions.


Man-watching Watchmen

The comic book Watchmen has been adapted to a film, and one thing that isn't missing, even in the trailer, is Dr. Manhattan's lower borough, i.e. his blue cock. Nice.

We'll see how much of this character (voiced-over by actor Billy Crudup, whose voice you may recognize from the Mastercard commericals) we get to peruse in the film; action scenes with his cock flopping around?

Collecting erotic superhero imagery: dozens of hours.
Buying X-rated comics in stores and on Ebay: about $100.
Seeing a completely nude superhero in a mainstream film: priceless.

I'm not holding my breath, but still hjoping for a live actor + CGI feature adaptation of Richard Corben's Den, featuring a bald hugely hung protagonist. Vin Diesel or Bill Goldberg would fit the bill nicely.


Economic Stimulus Package

So, I wish I felt like buying stuff. What with the eelection and all, i mean, like, WhooHoo!.

I wish I felt an obligation to help the economy, but I don't. Fuck it. Or suck it, or just look at a few jpgs of items I didn't buy on Ebay (the JO artists' videos, the print of Lil Joe nude), but which are amusing to peruse, free.