Mario Lopez: Asstastic!

Faster than you can say, "Lick my pootie hole!" screencaps of Mario Lopez's super fine ass cheecks, wet and bared in a shower scene from an upcoming episode of the cable show Nip/Tuck have swirled all over the Internet, proving that my very first search request in 1996, "Mario Lopez nude" has finally come to fruition.

Any fan who saw his biopic of gay Olympic diver Greg Louganis knows how his gluts packed a tight pair of Speedos. But that weren't enough for us devoted fans of his gorgeous body and mediocre acting skills.

Anyone who endured the sickly sweet Saved by the Bell deserves to see this muscled treat. Reports say that he and co-star Julian McMahon (shown naked as well, yada yada, who cares?) would share a "homoerotic encounter."

Well, this may suffice for now. But what we'd like to see is a fall-down wet horny hump session with floppy and erect cocks being soaped up, and jerked off.

Oh, well. Can't expect too much -yet.

Sure, he's a cheating philanderer who fucked around (with a woman allegedly) before and shortly after his abruptly annulled recent wedding. Sure, he's allegedly got a big thick uncut cock, which has yet to be photographed, except through a pair of loose workout shorts, bouncing up and down like crazy.

But considering the popularity of this piece of beef, maybe he'll show us a bit more in the future. He'll never win an Oscar or an Emmy, but in my book, he's already won an Assy.


Branson, You're a Fine One

Whatever happened to Real porn stars? I mean all the amateurs and nameless pseudo-straight guys turn us on for their novelty. Sure.
But when was the last time a guy could truly be called a porn STAR?

That time was the recent era of Mike Branson. The last of the great studio studs, the man's cock could hold up a chair. He could pound an ass into next Tuesday, lick a butt while grinning, and blast a load worth eating.

Here, Mike fucks Tom Chase in the ass. I love it when a huge-cocked guy whines and moans like a faux-virgin.

And what could be more pleasing than a hot top who lets you at least enjoy licking his ass, if not fucking it?

Apparently, "Branson" gave it all up, including his stage name, for a non-porn career in law. We know he's got some hot briefs! And his defense might result in some stiff sentences. Whatever. Better to get off and out before the looks fade, perhaps.

But something tells me this stud would look hot even in his 90s. Oh, well. It's all on film, er, tape, er DVD, er Rapidshare, er, eVideoshare. He and his cock are e-mortal.


Dorff Dorkk

Stephen Dorff prefers safe sex. At least, his latest character in the movie Shadowboxer does.

That's nice. It's unusual to see a condom on a guy's dick in a "mainstream" movie. Heck, it's unusual to see a mainstream actor show his cock anywhere.

What with so much stupid barebacking going on in gay porn, this is a nice change of pace.

(The animated gif I uploaded isn't moving, so check HERE instead.)


Correa, Cum on Ya

I've got lots of fun posts in store, but I need to get a bit more of a response in the comments to get motivated. I was going to have a 100,000th hit contest. Whoever got that visit would win a prize, but this blog's already surpassed that. Maybe a 200,000th post? The prize might be a signed book, or some private porn.

Whatever. Until then, here's a totally lifted post from Videodub. More porn download links there.

Until I get more creative, you'll have to settle for a video of Eduardo Correa jacking his beefstick. Yeah, I know. How disappointing!


Masked Mosexual

Who's the man of your dreams? Who's the man of your darkest nightmares - I mean one you'd fuck.

Being tied up, bound, blindfolded, jacked off, spanked, pinched or prodded turn you on? Check this little sample here of such sex acts.

Here's Chris Geary in a ski mask sucking off a sleeping guy. Pretty hot fantasy.

One of my more acclaimed short stories was the title piece in my first anthology Bone. It's about a guy who gets sexually attacked by a ski-mask donning intruder. It turns out the fucker is his cop boyfriend playing out a fantasy. So, it's okay.

It's interesting to ride the line between illegal and disturbing activity, and playing it out with other consenting partners.
For example, military sex fantasies may be passé, what with the US doing more torture than an IML convention. But nothing beats beating off a real military stud,

sucking a jarhead cock, or fucking a real Marine ass. The only problem is, once you start talking politics, the romance ends.

It's difficult for some to not be judgemental. But hey, so long as nobody gets hurt, and everybody gets off. But please don't ejaculate in my ear. I'm not into aural sex.