Cock Rock: When Pornies Flirt

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Cock Rock: Charlie X

I'm switching gears a bit. Here's Charlie X, a stud over in San Francisco who makes music but is more known for his online fuck and jack off clips. Charlie X. Mmm. Rough yet tender-looking, Charlie makes dance music you can fuck to.

But in his fuck tapes, he doesn't play music, so you can hear the guys he fucks - mostly this hot guy- make their own moan music. He also jacks off and lets the cum fly.

Download one of his hot fuck sessions HERE.


Cock Rock: Evil Jared Hasselhoff

I don't know why they call him evil.

Jared Hasselhoff gleefully takes his clothes off on a TV show, he'll show you his dick at the offer of a beer, and when his bandmate (in The Bloodhound Gang) did a lame-parody of a Depeche Mode song (with whom they shared the stage at a big concert), he joyously unleashed a stream of tasty Jared piss on him (That pic has his dick enlarged, but hey, it's hot). Video Here.

As if that dopey smile, that hot ripped body and those macho mutton chops weren't sexy enough, bassist Evil Jared Hasselhoff shares his love of water sports with all his fans.

Plus, In 2006 he moved to Neuk├Âlln, a borough of Berlin, Germany, because of massive resentment towards George W. Bush's politics. He said he won't return to the United States as long as Bush is in charge. What a cool pisser! Here's his blog.

I think his name should be changed to "Really Nice Hot Happy-to-Piss-on-You Jared Hasselhoff."


Cock Rock: Fred Durst

So, I'm not at all into his music, but I wouldn't throw him out of bed if he brought some pot and let me fuck his smooth ass. Fred got naked onstage, which is cool, and made a video of himself fucking a chick, so he's on the list.

Here's Fred Durst and his Limp Bizkit. And here's a link to a downloadable video of him fucking some chick.


Cock Rock - Warren Cuccurullo

Once upon a time, a rock star with a big dick could be content to get all the female groupies he wanted. Despite the ridiculous long hair, and tacky clothes, women found him hot.

Especially if he was Warren Cuccurullo, a hot little Italian stud. The female groupies knew of his big talents (and a few male ones, it seems), even after he left Duran Duran and played in Missing Persons.

But around 2000, I think, American gays got wind of G, a Brazilian gay magazine that specialized in showcasing male Brazilian celebrities showing off their rock hard cocks. Unfazed that the majority of readers were gay men, Cuccurullo then went on to start his own (now sadly gone) web site, where his music, nude pics, and short videos were available to paying members.

Speaking of members, Warren also had a dildo made in the shape of his magnificent cock. That's pretty much more than anyone could hope for from a musical sex symbol.

So, here's to Warren, the King of Cock Rock.

Watch him in action. The above movie is a greatest hits of his various sex tapes. I think these links work: Here's his jack off video, part 1, and his jack off video, part 2. Warren getting a dildo shoved up his hot ass. I mean, really, is that total fag stag love or what? A straight guy lets a gal shove a toy up his bum?