Blow a Candle

Or better yet, blow Frederick Deltour!

To celebrate my 500,000th visit, I'm celebrating the birthday (March 30, 1982) of this Stade France Calendar stud. While not on that rugby team, they smartly chose to start adding a few extra special studs to each year's calendar.

And Freddy's got le sausage incredibile!
Bon anniversaire, Frederick! E un un bon grand cock, aussi!

If you want more hot jocks nude and nearly nude, each stud on his birthday, join the Male Celeb Athletic Birthday Suits Yahoo Group (group closed). But you might want to start off with an email address with a big in-box. The pics come by the dozens every day. (note: to join the group, you have to have a Yahoo Profile stating you are over 18!)

Here's another: Aussie aerobics champ Nick Beyeler (March 29, 1975). Too bad he doesn't pose legs spread wide with no shorts on. But it seems he's getting used to being naked, and (for those who don't care for the tasty dick hood of Deltour) his cut flaring mushroom headed cock gets bigger and harder every time he poses nude. Nice birthday suit, Nick! Show more!


Julian's Salad: Hot for Teacher

First off, I want to clarify that I did NOT out this guy (he's not gay, allegedly, just an exhibitionistic hunk). The New York Daily News and Gothamist reported that Playgirl and Men Magazine model du season Julian Fantechi is under fire -but not fired- at his Queens NY teaching job for being too instructive with his own anatomy, in magazines.

Doing clothed modeling's no big deal. And artsy nudes (gallery removed) are another.

Still, call me a prude, but a school teacher shouldn't pose nude with such an amazingly smooth tantalizing erection. Not that I didn't want to see a few of my hot male teachers nekkid. "It's totally separate," Fantechi said of his teaching job. "I haven't done anything that I'm ashamed of."

Except perhaps a bit of excess manscaping.

At least he isn't like all those perverted heterosexual females who seduce their underage students. Of course, if he was my teacher, I would have been the one seducing him, but I'd probably have to get in line.



"It would be dangerous. We’d get mired down inside Iraq in a conflict that’s been raging for generations in the interests of trying to dictate who’s going to govern in Iraq. That is not something that we are prepared to see American forces do. For the US to get involved militarily in determining the outcome of the struggle over whose going to govern in Iraq strikes me as a classic definition of a quagmire." - Dick Cheney, in a 1991 NPR interview.

So this is what our stud of the week, Matt Sanchez, is defending.

The administration/military poised to dismiss him for his sexy past; this is what he's defending.

The administration that knew invading Iraq was stupid, yet did it, based on lies, and more lies.

In the same issue of Marine Times that weighs his impending dismissal by "doing porn when not in a drilling status" (LOL!), Matt notes a review of this week's hit movie, 300, and gets all Rex Reed himself on his blog.

Here's an amusing debate about the merits and barely veiled "message" of the hyper-violent film, which portrays, in Matt's words, the entire Persian army as a bunch of "drag queens."

Okay, it's based on a comic book/graphic novel; not unlike Matt's career?

In true NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) fashion, Matt, aka Rod Majors, considers his struggle as similar to that of the Spartans; overwhelmed by Persian drag queens (we, the porny multiple-pierced liberal left), and forced off a cliff in a noble pursuit.

More like jumping off like a lemming, Mateo. We "lefties" of course, are comparing the Spartans' fate to that of U.S. soldiers being senselessly knocked off by insurgents.

As a Greek, I don't enjoy seeing my history rearranged to suit the whims of politicians and others, but that's been going on for centuries. And some of it's fun; Hercules cartoons, TV shows, erotic art; there's centuries of revisionism, because the stories, no matter how disjointed they become, still entertain.

What's become so prevalent in this era is the de-gayification of the gayest stories in history.

Achilles was gay. Brad Pitt's Troy attempted to de-gay him. sorry. Pretty costumes, great action scenes. But Achilles didn't get all pissed off over Patroclus' death because he was his cousin. Patroclus was his hot little lovah!

Hercules was bisexual. He fucked young guys and had wives. He went crazy and killed his wife. don't expect to find that in any Disney-fied re-interpretation.

And unlike in 300, The Spartans were gay. Okay, not "gay" in the modern sense, but homo-relational, and sexual between older and younger soldiers.

That's a fact Matt and his rightwing cronies, who see 300 as a historic variant on their own "quagmire" of a war; wait, two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan - oh, and Iran, soon enough, just as soon as Chimpoleon gathers up a few more trillion dollars for Halliburton and Bechtel, and forces a few more hundred thousand troops into redeployment, as 250,000 injured vets get horribly sloppy healthcare, and Rethug polits suddenly "care," now that the "leftist media" exposed Walter ReedArmy Medical Facility as deplorable.

You see, maintaining a losing war is patriotic and pro-American, despite the fact that Halliburton, the biggest war profiteer on earth, is moving its headquarters from Houston to Dubai (you know, where Saudi Arabia's emirs and Bush pals had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11; nope, not a thing!)

Y'all recall the preposterous Dubai ports idiocy Cheneyco tried to swill us on.

Meanwhile, back here in SmallPornville, rightwing, er, "Libertarian" prudes are calling me homophobic for posting pics of naked men! Yep, in Bizarro World, dickless geeks who never get laid spew Ayn Randian/Camille Paglia deconstructivist drivel, and think announcing facts about our porn/Marine poster boy is "homophobic."

Hey, bitch; his gay stuff's the best thing about him. I'd call the fucked-in-the-head mental masturbator "Libertarians" faggots, but that would be an insult to wooden sticks.

Can anyone name a Libertarian politician who ever got elected? There must be one somewhere. But mostly, Libertarians are just Republicans who like to smoke pot and remove themselves from reality. Their real party, the GOP, invades privacy and overspends and hates, yet they stay in their billowy cloud world of theory. In theory, their ideas work.

Meanwhile, back in reality -okay, this sexual blog's reality- what about Matt/Rod's hot fucking action?

Is Matt's porn past as juicy as it seems? I'd only seen Idol Country (it's mislabeled on VHS somewhere in my box-o-old-porn. I'll have to dig it up.)

Maybe somebody online is posting actual clips of his sexploits? That'd be hot.

So, I went to EZ-Board's World of Men, because a pal said they had a lot of hot sex clips and pics. I posted a request, along with a link to my now infamous post. I got some rather negative replies, but mostly positive. The worst:

"Tom's blog is a vicious attack on another person, pretty much throwing every object he can lay his hands on..."

Uh, okay.

Why are facts always "vicious" to conservatives, particularly conservative gays?

Ted Haggart? Tom Foley? Scooter Libby? The FACTS of their lies got out; how is that "vicious?"

I simply assembled what was already coming out last week in other places.

In an audio interview linked here, Fox's Colmes takes Matt to task over his own distortion and omissions in his story.

And (crypto-fascist Libertarian fucktwit Jeffy Protein JizzDumb blogger, take note) Matt says HE WASN'T OUTED; IT WAS ALREADY OUT THERE.

It's not private info when a guy makes dozens of porn tapes. It's not private when he's a well-known and popular hustler in three-four major cities, especially when he has a website to prove it.

It's not private when he then gets a cushy non-combat PR job (after getting a job with a "refridgeration unit" in Brooklyn), and goes on rightwing TV shows complaining about his "abuses" at the hands of a few antiwar activists, and publicizes this miniscule event as if it were the seige of Troy.

It's not private when he then gets an award for this "bravery" at a highly publicized event where even frickin' Dick Cheney spoke, and sociopathic rightwing fistpuppet Ann Coulter called a Democratic presidential candidate a "faggot."

It's not private. Not at all. Blaming a guy who simply put the wacky puzzle pieces together is absurd.

Matt knew this would come out, anticipated it, and is making the most of it. And his rollercoaster ride of disjointed PR is no Spartan loss or victory.

Matt says "porn is too liberal." I'm just going to enjoy that quote for a long time, and eagerly await his line of "conservative porn." Not that I'll view it, considering how much of the GOP, Bushco and the freakass "Libertarianism" is just downright obscene without being sexual.

Okay, here's a Libertarian who makes some sense; from the comments on Marine Times:

A person’s honor and integrity character is what really makes a Marine and so far, Sanchez has yet to exhibit a shred of honor or integrity in an interview or anything he has written. He has based his fledgling writing career on morality and honesty while lying to himself, his political friends, and the would-be readers of his yet to be published book. When he gets caught in a lie or taken to task he continues to lie and cast blame some more. He refuses to accept responsibility for his own actions. He blames the gay community, the liberals, or anyone else who questions him as opposed to facing a mirror and seeing that he is the cause for his problems. There is no way in hell I would want to have served with someone like Cpl. Matthew Sanchez. Not due to his race, creed, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation but because of his arrogance and weakness; the two most dangerous traits a person can have in combat.

He owes the men and women of our armed forces a lot of hell of a lot more respect than what he has exhibited in the past week. He certainly does not represent the military that I proudly served and has not put forth a shred of evidence that we should find him a great American. America is a land of freedom, opportunity, and equal opportunity for all of her citizens. Sanchez has made his belief perfectly clear that only his political party is deserving of that opportunity and be damned the rest. If he were a real man and a true Marine he’d see that he owes an apology to everyone he has blamed for his own misgivings and deceived. Neither the gay blogging community or the Democrats can be blamed for anything that has happened or will to Matthew Sanchez. He is the only one at fault.

Not that it should matter but for the record I am heterosexual by birth, Christian by grace, and politically a registered Libertarian by choice.

- USMC 98/06 Semper Fidelis

So, Matt claims he's no longer gay, yet was allegedly hooking up with guys only weeks ago. Whatever his current sexuality, if he didn't like being a whore or porn performer, fine. Don't blame the entire Democratic Party for Chi Chi LaRue not hiring good fluffers.

In the world outside Matt's, Gay Life is not a porn set. Gay Sexuality is not a monetary transaction. I don't doubt that he probably got his cushy Marine job via a NYC sex hook-up or client in the military.

And still, nobody on that porn board had clips. Sigh. So, I broke down and bought a few cheaper $9.00 DVDs of his porn videos. I look forward to seeing more of Matt's best work. Funny, as I was shopping, the price of one of his DVDs jumped by $20. Smart, guys. (I went to another seller who hadn't been so clever.)

Rightwingers saying that this was his "dark past" or "indiscretion" is predictable. They prefer a trumped up "hero" who uses a Marine uniform as his latest macho drag. And they love their ex-gays, no matter how fraudulent.

But people on a porn board saying that this was his "dark past" or "indiscretion" is not just hypocrisy, it's idiocy.

They post images of fitness models who've done porn, essentially "outing" their varied careers, which, ain't no secret if you just look at a recent issue of Men's Fitnes and LPI's Men. What's the difference, other than the hilarious rightwing ironic comedy?

Well, there's a lot more cocks and butts here, instead of just dicks and assholes.

For plenty more of that on both sides, visit Matt's blog. He's being good about letting detractors post on his blog, which has, expectedly, taken off like wildfire.

And that's what he wanted all along, and hey, good luck to him. He may think he's the Trojan Horse, but perhaps more of a used Trojan.

He's going to be ego-surfing for a long time, and with a PR job, he'll do fine after he gets booted from the Marines he's so heartily defended.

As Matt says, thanks to Wikipedia, "Students from now until the end of time will be able to reference me in their papers."

Yeah, Matt, you're just that important. Totally, like immortal. And it has nothing to do with your amazing cum shots. You look great, though. Really.

But you might not wanna start posing for the statue you think will be built in your honor.


Patriot Ass

My horoscope today: You are the subject of someone's overactive imagination. Stand up for the truth.

Of the 90,000 visitors to my blog this week, a mere few have attempted to string together their Bizarro World illogic as 1. the fault of "the left," and my being some sort of ambassador of all "the gays," 2. my fault for "outing" Matt Sanchez, 3. my fault for claiming to out Sanchez, when others did.

love their "ex-gay" whores, even if they're still gay. They love to dump even the most timid and discreet leftwinger in with the likes of smut maker/fans like me. They love their "reformed" sluts, and still falsely claim that sex has nothing to do with it.

It has everything to do with it.

They still think themselves morally superior, despite the fact that hundreds of Republican politicians and officals nationwide have been jailed for molesting children, even their own, all they have to throw back is "Clinton's penis." Oh, and Barney Frank's whore-associating days.

Fortunately, saner minds prevail, like the comments at Inherently Wrong (post deleted)

And wacky minds at GodHatesXXX (blog deleted) put it all in perspective with a sense of humor. Because, after all the hubbub and hundreds of comments posted everywhere, it's still pretty funny.

The reichwing toolbots on Fux News and at CPAC got hosed, and not even (allegedly; who knows what went on in Hannity's dressing room?) in a good way.

Look, Matt. I love you. Really, I do. Okay, I like you. I like your hot body. I like the porn you did. I like that you offered a (hopefully) quality service to your customers. I like that you're a top.

Goodness knows, we've given each other a hot load of free PR. And I thank you.

But I don't like that you're now bottoming for duplicitous rightwing wankers (We don't mind "faggots," just so long as they don't try to marry), and if I helped you get ground up by the blog and media machine -even if you deserved it- that's my Santorum to wipe off.

You're a tough guy. You're a Marine. You bravely defended a folding recruitment table against the Columbia Vegan Student Insurrection. You want a medal? You got one.

You want to be the butt boy of the far right smugocity?
Hey, that's your "lifestyle" choice.

I'm sure your clients and Manhunt buddies will miss you.

UPDATE, MAY 11: In news that should surpise no one, Matt has allegedly posted a new profile on ManHunt looking for -quelle non surprise!- more gay sex. Queerty had all the gossip and transcript of a recent exchange online (deleted). Gee, Matt, you're a really bad liar.

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Dirty Sanchez

What to make of Matt Sanchez, the 36 year old Marine who's begun to make the rightwing gab show circuit by complaining that (what a shocker) fellow students at Columbia University don't like having a military presence at their school, a Manhattan university.

The hunky Latino Marine certainly has a right to express his opinion, and he does, on his BLOG and he gets personal on his MYSPACE page (deleted)

Sanchez has sucked up to Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, and Sean Hannity. He claims Columbia students' protests are akin to a "sniper attack." The poor big stud.

So, what's the sex connection? If you're thinking this guy is familiar, you're right.
He is none other than former gay porn performer Rod Majors.

Here's Rod's video list on  on TLA Video.

Here are a few more images of the stud, who also performed for Kristen Bjorn as Pierre LaBranche. He has an eleven-inch - whoops; make that a hard eight- uncut dick.

Here's an update on Queerty.

In a lengthy interview about his working for Kristen Bjorn (deleted). He says his favorite videos in which he starred are Idol Country, with Jawbreaker as a close second. I think Patriot Ass is more on-target.

In each video, he dispels my nearly proven theory that all Marines are bottoms.

He also says, in the interview, that "I think I like men, and people in general, who are modest and have a sense of humility."

Then what is he doing associating with arrogant blowhard reichwing whores like Coulter, Hannity and O'Lielly?

Sanchez plunges his enormous schlong in and out of the mouths and asses of men. He did it on tape. And now he's defending the military, pretending to be straight, and allegedly got some plastic surgery on his face.

Coulter, as you know, just got her demonic self a new batch of free publicity by calling Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a "faggot." The hauty bitch's joke tanked, and now even far reichwing turds are distancing themselves from their little Eva Braun.

As for O'Leilly, that blowhard just blew a gasket last week when San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's office issued a proclamation congratulating Colt Studios on its 40th anniversary (timed with the Gay VN Awards).

So, rightwing fucktwit pundits can get all upset when a mayor celebrates a famous gay porn company, but they can also have porn performers on their show, so long as they pretend they aren't former gay fuckers, and turn conservative.

Sanchez acts like Jeff Gannon, only cuter. He sucks up to the freaks who treat us like shit, all for what he sees as a noble pursuit.

But he's still pretty dirty, as in a dirty lying hypocrite.


Update: Call me DeepThroat: Sloppy Seconds.
Some anonymous queen on Datalounge keeps ranting that I "owe" that site credit for uncopywritten links and the "scoop" on this. Whatever. Nobody picked up on it until I posted it, then sent it to the wonderful JoeMyGod.

Only then did Several other blogs pick up on it: Daily Kos, Queerty (link dead) Gawker, (Gawker is entirely dead) and TowleRoad, whose editor, Andy Towle, has to make it all about him! He dated (as in slobbed the enormous knob, and got his [probably very cute] ass stuffed by) the man whore. Good for him.

I doubt he paid the $200 Matt was charging for his sexual services. Here's Matt's old Escort Ad Page: I will thank the DataBitches for that! He also had profiles on two gay hook-up sites as recently as last year; pretty busy for an alleged "ex-gay."

Let's watch as it worms its way upstream to the small gay press, then the bigger gay corporate wing, then mainstream media, shall we?

And then, within a year, "Mateo" will unleash his little book and we'll all have to suffer the rehashing of the slightly erotic escapades of a duplicitous rightwing ex-whore. Oh joy. I can smell The Advocate lapping it up now.


Blogosphere gone viral: the cock is out of the bag!

AmericaBlog (link gone), All Spin Zone, Atrios, Boy Culture, Queer-Sighted, The Right's Field, Say Anything, Fleshbot, Emboldened, Liberaltopia, Michael Petrelis Mercury Rising, Stranger Slog, etc. (update 2016: many of the links are dead)

Let's see how long it takes O'Lielly to "report" on this.

I really think I deserve to suck off Matt for all the free PR I've given him. I hope I get a discount. Wait, I don't have sex with duplicitous rightwing hypocrites. Darn. I'll have to keep hangin' with my hung uncut liberal pals.


Here are some tasty pics of Matt from his whoring days, that is, when he was an honest whore, providing sexual services, not when he became a whore for bilious lying hate-filled anti-gay Rethuglican spin twits.

Gee, do ya think it's appropriate that his head is missing? I wonder how many rightwing closet cases he boinked to get ahead. Did Hannity get a discount? Did O'Lieilly bring a loofa?


Updates, March 7: OMG, I made Yahoo News via The Nation!

Max Blumenthal linking to me!

It gets better; Huffington Post, Salon.com, Pink Dome and Gay.com.uk, and another fave, JockoHomo. (again; dead links; none of these sites archive very well, do they?)

Gay rightwing apologist and former Washington Blade editor Chris Crain - who unleashed the incompetent "columnist" 'Jeff Gannon' on gay media– spews off in predictable fashion; blaming lefties for exposing the hypocrisy, then defending two-faced whores. Funny, Crain's not badlooking. I never figured him as one to so vociferously defend prostitutes, or need them. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But foisting pee ho Gannon as a "journalist" is a sign of his propensity toward lapses in editorial logic.

Of course, rightwing whorebag Michelle Malkin dances around the truth of Sanchez' "indiscretions," denying that she got played; not even gonna link to her. Now THAT would be obscene; as if posting a pic of Coultergeist wasn't gross enough.

Meanwhile, Coultergeist is losing advertisers galore on her website, and newspapers around the country are dropping her acid-tongued column (since they were stupid enough to run them, I won't even mention them.)

Other reichsters continue to feign smugness in lefties' alleged hypocrisy; they fell for his schtick, and are all too happy to paint Sanchez as a "reformed" former hedonist who's found his way. Yawn. Turning tail from being an accomplished sex worker to being an out and out whore for a wrongful war and a corrupt hate-filled administration is the twist, and they refuse to acknowledge that.

Sanchez himself claims he'll comment on all this, in between his classes and gym sessions. I really think Joe and I should get some thanks for all this. He couldn't buy such good PR, not even at $200 an hour.


Another update: Joe got Part 2 of an interview with big Matt.

Keith Olberman did a segment on MSNBC, and predictably, did not credit Joe, myself, or Datalounge, but HuffingtonPost as "breaking" the story. Such is the mendacity of corporate media. Nothing on their website. Anyone who finds a link to the segment is welcome to post in comments. Matt, you'll probably post it on YouTube and on your blog, right?

But back to the porn! FleshClick posted a few screencaps of Matt/Rod's great money shots in Idol Country. Please patronize Falcon Studios at your local video store!

No screencaps yet from Patriot Ass; not counting Matt's gig on O'Lielly.


Update March 8: The Sanchez 'Warholian 15 minutes' are ticking fast...

Matt writes a marvelously duplicitous, self-aggrandizing and error-filled essay for Salon.

Excerpt-ette: "We have all done things we don't want advertised"

Yeah, but you DID advertise, Matty!

And, the MSNBC segment with Max Blumenthal on YouTube (shocking that Matt didn't go on the show, or anywhere a camera would point at him; they do have studios in NYC, Matt. Had to study and do your chest workout?)

UPDATE, MAY 11: In news that should surpise no one, Matt has allegedly posted a new profile on ManHunt looking for -quelle non surprise!- more gay sex. Queerty has all the gossip and transcript of a recent exchange online. Gee, Matt, you're a really bad liar.

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