Jonathan Heat Martinez: stripper perfection

Jonathan Martinez, the Latin Heat, Dominican sensation; whatever his name is, he's a great stripper.

And on a few occasions, he's shown off his great big cock!

 Of course, his ass is pretty much perfect, too. So is his body.
But he only strips for The Ladies!

But let's get back to his big cock.

  Here is the only (as yet) footage of Martinez stripping totally nude. Mmm.

I hate animated gifs, but in this case, I made an exception. They load slowly, but they're worth it.

UPDATE, JANUARY 2016: Jonathan has been generous enough to start a paid fan page (https://www.connectpal.com/heat718) where he shares short fully nude clips, like this one, with a cum shot! Hooray!

Here's a clip of him showing off and cumming:
 Here's an Oct. 2016 short clip with his huge uncut cock oozing sperm:

If the embedded clips don't work, just visit MyVidster and search with his name!
Thanks Jonathan, for your amazing hotness!

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