Santa Suckin'

 Santacon almost ruined my fetish for hotties in red and white caps; almost.

The anti-politics of their drunken loutish behavior met with a thousands-strong slap of reality in New York this year when the inebriated herd of (mostly) straight men and women were confronted by another huge protest against police violence against African American people. 

That's a huge political and social justice issue I won't go into detail here, not that I'm not concerned, but this is an erotic entertainment blog, so you can go elsewhere for serious stuff.

I will say that last year's otherwise annoying Santacon in NYC was, for me, highlighted by the sight of a handsome drunk Santa pissing in the alley by my apartment. 

While I had a mere Santa hat on (from a day of shopping), I think he saw that we were both in a holiday spirit(s). The day was one of those strange Manhattan afternoons where almost anything goes. 

I stopped, amused by the sight of the guy sort of wobbling while pissing, and he saw me looking. 

Instead of getting pissed off, he turned to show me his dick. I stepped forward and he smirked. 

"You want it?"

Yes, I did, but (even though I'd done such elsewhere in more private/public settings), I did not kneel or even lean over to taste his tinsel stream. 

I did invite him up to my apartment for a bit of sloppy drunk (him at least) blowjob sex. 

"I've never done this before...much," he chuckled as I dug into his red pants for a stuffed stocking. His dick was nice, but I had to set him down before he knocked over a lamp.

I pulled his limp cock from the folds of his Santa pants, and despite several minutes of valiant deep-throating his average cock, while I did get him hard, an ejaculation seemed undoable. He also flinched when my hand crept under the pants to finger his butthole.

And while he was cute, he took off his hat when he sat up to suck my cock. 

"No, keep it on," I asserted as I stood before him, cock in his face.

"You into the Santa thing eh?" he mumbled as I kept readjusting his cap as he fumbled with giving me a rather mediocre blow job.


"Don't come in my mouth," he warned. I decided to oblige, but jacked my cock as his lips slurped on the tip.
He got it, and my load, right in the hat.

"Dude! You jizzed on my hat!"

"So? I didn't cum in your mouth."

"Keep it," he mumbled as he lurched out of my apartment, down the hall, and off to some other form of seedy holiday debauchery.

Yep, there's something about a sexy Santa, and the dozens of straight, gay (and even bisexual, probably) porn attests to this holiday horny tradition. Add water sports to the mix, and it's downright perverted.

Happy Holidays, ho ho hos!

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