GooGoo 4 Gaga

Okay, this has got to be the gayest straight porn feature yet (excluding pretty much every scene of dick-rubbing double penetration, which is bisexual-ish).

I've downloaded, er, purchased! (yeah, right) a few of the "porn parody" str8 flicks, mostly because I think context (and funny costumes) are hotter than plain old fucking.

Enjoy the trailer for the "This ain't Lady Gaga" hosted at the frequently amusing Fleshbot, or above. It's nice to see these porn actresses (and the guys, perhaps) being able to show off their dancing, singing and acting chops. The script and directors always seem to go overboard with including ugly older men, and in this one, a made-up Larry King.

While Lady Gaga is certainly at the top of my "Women I'd Go Bi For" list (Sorry, Betty White; you just got downgraded), I might feel a bit odd wanking to a porn gal impersonating her while getting plowed with Coke cans in her hair. Like many of her Little Monsters, I do feel a strange devotion to the queen of pop culture appropriation.

Perhaps there'll be a gangbang scene with a bunch of handsome male dancers in "Allejandro" Moe Shemp wigs. It'd actually be silly if they didn't have some bi or gay action in a parody porneaux about the ultimate fag hag.

My favorite comment form Fleshbot: "Why couldn't the fight have been about whether or not Gaga is an Illuminati assassin? That's the kind of gossip we like."


The Long Haul

Gary Pokorny got in a drunk driving accident; his third.

Why is that of interest?
Gary Pokorny is Ken Ryker.

Sad. A giant of porn is now just lost in a jail cell. And that's not the set up for a porn movie.

The Sword has the dirt.


And another:

Brock Masters Busted!

He's also turned to bareback porn now that he's, uh, more mature.

Why is it the ones with the hugest cocks have the smallest brains?



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