Cathal Licked! Footie Fella Fucked! Cathal McCarron Sex Tape!

Let's say you're a well-known Irish soccer player in the UK. Let's say you make a gay sex tape, or two.
Let's say you're dumb enough to think no one will find out.
Well, if your name is Cathal McCarron, welcome to his butthole.

The footie fellow's got fucked on film, and now the world can enjoy his masculine trade cock and butt.

With a porn name of "fergus," McCarron did a simple casting video for the somewhat tediously-directed series of straight trade jacking their cocks.
But then he went further.

"Fergus," in the second tape, got his cock sucked, his asshole licked and his anus invaded by an erect cock. Just a day or so ago, the connection was made when fans of the soccer team recognized McCarron, probably because he wore his team jersey in the strip-down section. Hello!

Antigay tweets caused him to delete his Facebook and Twwitter accounts. Gay gossip and news sites reported it.

Gay Star News tried to remain coy and objective, not "outing" the 25-year-old stud.

Pink News got a little more truthful.

But cheezy sleazy often typo-ridden Queerty jumped into the foray for link bait.

A Belfast paper discusses the player's gambling addiction, which may have spurred his dive into porn.

The Belfast Telegraph reports also that McCarron's teammates are supporting him after the "scandal" broke.

The article states that "many in the GAA community have voiced their support for the player, including former Derry star Brolly. He tweeted: "Cathal McCarron needs our support. Kid is in a bad place. Hard to know how it got so bad. Time for Gaels to rally round."

Another said: "What Cathal McCarron does is none of our business, what he does in his private life to make a living is his. No shame at all. His choice."

Recently McCarron has been playing for the London GAA side. London GAA county vice-chairman Tony O'Halloran said he hoped McCarron got whatever support he needed.
"I wouldn't know him very well but I wasn't aware that he had any problems since he moved here and now we're just hoping he'll get any help that he needs," he said.

The video, entitled 'Masculine straight Irishman's first gay sex video', shows McCarron in a series of compromising positions with another male. In the video the player states: "There's not much opportunity to do this in Ireland." He also said: "I play football so I'm full-time getting naked in front of all the boys."

What's sad about this is not just the antigay abuse he's suffered. It's not that he made porn, but that it's so unremarkable. If he'd done a straight fuck flick, he'd be lauded for it. Too bad this studio's gay fucking is so unremarkable.

Just recently, Wexford hurler Greg Jacob made a cheap straight fuck flick with a frau in a frumpy trailer. I'll have to look that up...purely for research purposes!

Here's some coverage in French, in case you're bi...lingual. In Italian, if you're really lingual.

Download your own copy right here.

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