Hard Support from Hot Ruggers

Sam and Thomas Burgess, who play for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, released a video in conjunction with the Bingham Cup's 'Out in the Field' study of anti-discrimination in sports.
Says Sam in the clip: "I don’t see why there should be any discrimination about colour, sexuality, your heritage or where you’re from. Sport is a great thing, and it brings people from all different aspects of life together, so why should your sexuality be a problem? The only way we are going to understand the issue is if people get out there and tell their story so we can help fix it.”

Adds Thomas: "I think discrimination in sport is old fashioned. We're very passionate about the game. We have lots of gay friends."

That might be because they like to get naked, too.
Here's Sam Burgess showing his hard appreciation for his gay fans:

Here are some other rugby players showing their hard appreciation for their gay fans.

Here is everyone's favorite, the very gay-friendly rugby players Tim Oakes, showing his rock hard appreciation for his gay fans.


Here's to straight allies, especially the hot ones, especially the hot ones that show us their cocks, and especially to those that let us suck them. Namaste.

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