Pub ic We come

So, about a thousand years ago, when I was in high school, after going to see 'Star Wars' at the local mini-mall, in our flare jeans and qiana shirts, a couple of st@ned pals and I removed the two L's from a roadside stand-up sign that read 'Public Welcome', had a good laugh, then stopped off on an offroad for some drunk peeing, as we glanced at each others' weenies.

I'd love to tell you that a county road orgy ensued, but we were all closeted lil teen mos at the time.

Boy, how times have changed.

Gawker reports
that some frat stud banged a chick on a rooftop. It made the news, and a blog that stupidly censored the cock shots.

Apparently, the fuck stud is a sexist asswipe. Quelle surprise.

See, this is the thing I resent about heterosaximals. They engage in a lil cock n puss action and it makes the new on the blogosphere.

We homos hook up in precarious public situations, and we get busted.

Of course, in this interweb age where frickin' every fetish has its own dedicated pay-porn website, you can enjoy (fake) real amateur gay guys bangin' away in public situations pretty much anywhere.

While I don't make a cent from referring you to the hilariously sexy videos on Out in Public, and I don't recommend that you go schtupping your fuck buddy in the local parking garage (without inviting me), watching some other daring couple of studs take the risk of bangin' au naturel is pretty fun.

And that's my excuse for sharing these lovely pics of dudes showin' hard, dick-sucking and ass-bangin' in public situations; beaches, alleys, rooftops (and bottoms).

Whew, If only we could live in a world where public fucking was just another mildly amusing pastime.