Closing Time?


(You better get going on mine and download all the nekkid pictures. Just got this in the mail:)

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The new policy will go into effect on the 23rd of March 2015. After this 
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Kilt to Please

Ever wonder what's up a man's kilt? Well, it's kind of obvious. 

If you're aware of male anatomy, you know what to expect. Yet the sexy mystery of what's hangin' free and easy under a tartan plaid is easily explainable, and viewable, especially after the skirted studs have had a few pints.

Yet, the erotic underworld of a kilt remains a fascination, even for non-Scots! Let's take a long gander, shall we?


Squirrel-sexy: Julian Edelman

Gorgeous football stud Julian Edelman; fashion icon, beardy bro, ball handler, ladies' man, smoothie maker.  Just some pics and gifs, including that one. 
But no, I wouldn't have taken any in bed afterward... but probably during.


Popo-pourri: pissing with pro ballers, fucking priests and guzzling cum

A tempting trio of news items would have been fine as single posts, but since they all came at me, so to speak, at once, let me just gangbang the topics all together.

First off, a former Kristen Bjorn porn actor is now an anti-gay pastor, a religious fundie pastor at that, which is unfortunate, since he was so good at taking erect cocks up his beautiful ass. Now he's just an ass.