Kilt to Please

Ever wonder what's up a man's kilt? Well, it's kind of obvious. 

If you're aware of male anatomy, you know what to expect. Yet the sexy mystery of what's hangin' free and easy under a tartan plaid is easily explainable, and viewable, especially after the skirted studs have had a few pints.

Yet, the erotic underworld of a kilt remains a fascination, even for non-Scots! Let's take a long gander, shall we?

Sometimes, I can't decide which porny flicks to watch, So I choose a topic and just have a wank orgy with lots of clips all at once. 

Take for example, a simple search term of this tempting topic, "kilt." 

And voila! 

I have guys in kilts showing off their cocks and asses unawares, guys in kilts getting their beautiful asses spanked (see the tied up ginger hottie with a ballgag), and str8cam Jeff jacking off and showing his butthole, all in a stylish kilt costume.

Here are some screencaps of a recent wank session.

 It's enough to make you want to head off to Scotland for some haggis and cock!

 And what if you happen upon a drunken guy in a kilt? just follow the fun of the classic song, "The Scotsman."

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