Little Joe

For absolutely no reason, here are some pics of the infamous Joe Dallesandro.

Somewhere online are clips of the greatest celebrity sex tape: Joe getting fucked raw.

I've got the whole series of films somewhere. The clip is just a few sexy moments. Being shot on film oh so long ago before he became Andy Warhol's muse gives it a tasty vintage quality. He puts Tommy, Pam, Paris, Colin, Fred, and all those others "caught" on tape celebs to shame.

Even into his 50s he looked good. His son was pretty cute in the 80s (see pic).

I wonder what it's like to know your dad was the greatest art house sex icon of the last century? Hmm.


Sticky Books - Drawn to Hot Men of Comic Erotica


Sticky Graphic Novels just released some new sexy comic erotic books by Dale Lazarov and several illustrators. And I got a sneak preview! From burly kilt-clad studs to horny men of faith, and some cowboy musicians, these hot little books will draw you in with their manly fun.


Cumpilation Cornucopia; music, sex & celebs mixed

Here's to the joy of discovering an entirely new throbbing vein of erotic stimulation, and a creative one at that.

AnyBunny has hundreds of mixes, and mostly str8 cumpilations. Allow me to curate this adventure into a new subgenre, the porno music video.

That someone took the time to put these clips together makes them more enjoyable than a mere fuck clip. This is erotic art! Okay, it's just fucking set to music.