Here's a post I left in draft mode and forgot about:
Recently, folks in Greece celebrated the annual Greek Phallus Festival, a tribute to big cocks.

"If you want to eat phallus-shaped bread, drink through phallus-shaped straws from phallus-shaped cups, kiss ceramic phalluses, sit on a phallus-shaped throne and sing dirty Greek songs about the phallus, then you should visit the little Greek town of Tyrnavos each year on 'Clean Monday' [the first Monday of Lent]."

I love cocks; specifically Greek uncut hard cocks aimed at me.

Here are a few Grecian cocks and roamin' hands:


Hung Like a ...

OMG, this Old Spice ad is so fuckin' hawt.

Some other images depicting why centaurs are horsecock hot!


Designing Dungeons

I hate reality shows.
I hate design shows.
I really hate competition reality shows.
So, I would probably really really hate Design Star, and you might, too.

Except for finalist Michael Verdugo. He also made a hot hot SM bondage sex video a few years before becoming an (apparently) out gay designer and Miami policeman.

How nice for him. I don't think it's an especially bad or lurid thing that the smarties at Gay Porn Blog put tie and tube together and outed him, and other publications followed. Because it is without a doubt one of the hottest little SM bondage videos ever. I have a copy somewhere, watched it years ago.

Michael has a classic silent film star beauty combined with a contemporary porn star's hotness.

Michael should be proud of his work, whether it be keeping the peace, designing vacant airport-lobby-styled homes, or being torturously wanked off while roped to a chair.

One thing, for sure, he should really grow his lustrous hair back. The shaved head look is not hot on him.


Hip, Hip, Ho'-ray

In my teeny youth, I had to steal a Playgirl magazine from a drug store to get my rocks off.

Nowadays, queer teeny boys can just go to YouTube to see a Playgirl model (who's also "Reese Rideout," a Randy Blue model who's sucked, fucked, been fucked, and dildo-fucked himself with total elan) shake his ass and hula hoop with a Wii.

You kids don't know how fuckin' lucky you are.



Not just July 4th, but in honor of the way too late yet pleasingly final death of Jesse Helms, I commited more than one act of sodomy.

Oh, and some fellatio, too.

Happy holiday!