Worshipping the Oakes' Tree

Y'all know I'm a pagan. so this is a special holiday season.
Oh, yeah, this was all done way before Jesus' time.

Christmas tree? you bet, but it's long been worshipped.
trees, that is.

Well, my holiday came early, and so did I.

I'll give you a tree... and some spurting sap!

Remember Tim Oakes? you will.

The famed long-dicked exhibitionist British rugby player, after wagging his wang in a short documentary about his club, posed for an exclusive astounding photo shoot for

Only weeks ago, a Cam 4 video of his bursting with pride, showing it all, was recorded.

Worship the Oakes tree.

also on Xtube.

also on Tabloid Heat.

And at Sexi world, too!

also on Rapidshare.

Here's the old video of tim slapping his wet cock around the locker room.

Happy Horny Holidays!

Here's the sap:



Give thanks for hot sex!

Don't forget the gravy.