Santa, Baby! Jaxton Wheeler as Santa Cock

Well, this is pretty much all I'd want for Christmas. Jaxton Wheeler dressed up like Kris Kringle, bare-fucking my ass. Talk about a stuffed stocking! (embedded clip after the jump).

Happy holidays, folks!


Thus Poked Zayas' Thruster: Miguel Zayas, hot str8 porn stud!

Whether he's posing coyly in photos on his Twitter account, performing romantic love scenes with mood lighting, or slam-banging fuck scenes on stage before a live audience at sex conventions, Spanish stud Miguel Zayas is the hot new thing. He's hot clean-shaven, with scruff, but what really attracted me is his new bearded look. His thick cock has plenty of foreskin, and his amazing back tattoo trails down to his utterly perfect ass.


Christmas Cuties and Holiday Horndogs

Y'all know how much I LOVE Christmas, er, Solstice, er, Santa, Krampus, whatever. It's a fun time, and wearing nothing much more than a little red hat gets these guys hard.