Gus Kenworthy - free-ski stud is now out and proud!

from ESPN: "Gus Kenworthy started coming out to his family and closest friends nearly two years ago. His mom said she knew. His brother said he was proud. His best friend 
voiced unrelenting support. 

"And if Gus Kenworthy were an average 24-year-old, the announcement -- the story -- might have ended there. 

But Gus Kenworthy is not an average 24-year-old. He is the top freeskier on the planet, and an Olympic medalist!

Here's the ESPN video and web interview!

And here are some of his own photos of him natural and in nature!


Greyston Holt: Smitten, and Bitten by the Hot Wolf

 "I went in the forest in Vancouver with my buddy’s dog. I went off the trail and I hiked for about an hour up, completely naked, with my buddy’s dog. Because I figured these guys are always changing in the forest and nude all the time, I gotta channel that."

—  Greyston Holt on prepping for being a werewolf in the Netflix show Bitten.
Here's our pre-Halloween tribute to the hottest studliest fuck me now-est werewolf on TV and movies in years.