William Levy, aka William Levy Gutierrez, is the hot new star of ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

But gay fans have known him for a while as the pretty-faced muscle hunk who posed for a sheer underwear company. Needless to say, he's got a big talent!


Erin Gay Bragh

St. Patrick's Day to me means: hot redheads, hot Irish guys, or hot guys named Paddy, hot drunk redheads, hot drunk guys, hot drunk guys pissing everywhere, hot drunk guys pissing and getting pissed on, hot drunk guys having sloppy drunken sex; and hangovers.

Hot drunk pissing guys; they're magically delicious!


Fox on the Run

Wanna see another hot wrestler do gay porn? Gee, there are so many.

How about pro wrestling stud A.R. Fox?

No, he's not that famous, but he sure is hot! A.R. Fox is a flying trapeze stud in the ring.

Here he is getting a suck job and bangin' a guy's ass in the down low video series ThugBait!

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This blog says, "This guy does stuff I have never seen before and some stuff I didn't even think was possible."

Yeah, like flying through the air landing with his big cock up a guy's ass!

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