Santa Suckin'

 Santacon almost ruined my fetish for hotties in red and white caps; almost.

The anti-politics of their drunken loutish behavior met with a thousands-strong slap of reality in New York this year when the inebriated herd of (mostly) straight men and women were confronted by another huge protest against police violence against African American people. 

That's a huge political and social justice issue I won't go into detail here, not that I'm not concerned, but this is an erotic entertainment blog, so you can go elsewhere for serious stuff.


Q-FAQ by Tom Bacchus, now on Kindle

My scifi erotic comic porny novel Q-FAQ, is finally in a Kindle edition. Get it now for only $4.20 US.

Excerpt from the review on Edge Media:

The novel itself is a journal-like account, from Afaik’s point of view, of the bizarre, colorful creatures they encounter, the ludicrous situations they find themselves in, as well as blog and news excerpts from ongoing current events, which attempt to help both the reader and the protagonist determine where the duo are headed and why. The most important clue is an advertisement from a gay.com-like website, appearing over and over, announcing its sponsorship of the grand reopening of a once-famous bathhouse, an event which is expected to attract masses of sexual deviants. Is this gathering of the masses just another gala circuit party-type event, and might it have something to do with why Aces is compelled to race across the country?


Fire Down Below: Jonathan West and other naked firemen, real and porny

Leave it to one of New york's trashy rags to try to demean a handsome dude for becoming a fireman. That's because he did gay porn!

This coy and insipid article in the New York Daily News tries to sensationalize the fact that as Jonathan West, former model Jonathan Jesensky did almost a dozen gay and bi porn videos. I know, because I've seen them all. And ya know what? He's better at fucking women than getting his dick sucked by a guy. But hey, he gave it a shot.

Here's a bit of the stupid yet informative NY Daily News article. Really, it's byRocco Parascandola, Caitlin Nolan, and Reuven Blau, with Tina Moore and Joe Stepansky. Because apparently, it takes five writers to pen this salacious drivel:

"Jonathan Jesensky, 33, went by the alias Jonathan West when he appeared in X-rated films including titles like ‘Semper Bi’ and ‘Paramedics.’ He joined the FDNY as an EMT in 2012 and became a rookie firefighter on Tuesday.

Rookie FDNY firefighter Jonathan Jesensky, 33, went by the name Jonathan West when he appeared in at least 10 gay porn films. This gives new meaning to a probie. Jonathan Jesensky, 33, starred in at least 10 gay porn films before joining the ranks of New York’s Bravest as a rookie firefighter on Tuesday. Jesensky, who also served in the Marines, ditched his porn career, where he’s known by his X-rated alias, Jonathan West, before he was hired as an FDNY EMT in 2012."

Jonathan West aka Jonathan Jesensky and his erect hose


Halloweiners: 2014 edition

 Ah, Halloween, the holiday where the combination of skimpy costumes and alcohol should surely get you laid.


David McIntosh - nude, muscular, and he's got a big cock

 I don't pay much attention to 'reality' shows, because they're fake and annoying, and they make talentless nobodies famous.
 But David McIntosh is apparently on one of those shows. And he showed us his hot muscled body and his big erect cock. 


Michael Hoffman, Michael Hoffman! cock n cum n shower

Michael Hoffman's famous jackoff sessions!

Michael Hoffman shares his beauty with the world

Here's a batch of the now-famous Michael Hoffman jackoff sessions!


Butt? Of course!

I've really gotten into butts lately. 

The last guy I had sex with was surprised by my enthusiasm toward playing with his butt. 

I used to not be so much into buttplay, but these days, there's something magical about a man bending over to show off his hole, and let me prod, lick, poke, spank and fuck his butt. So now I'm really into butts!

Apparently, butt love is trending in some other communities.


Tumblrin' Dice

You'll have to forgive me, I've been distracted by Tumblr, and other places online.

A special find: discovering full layouts of teenage magazine-era sure cum-inducing spreads from porn mags, long discarded (or sold on ebay), only to return, as low res. scans, zipped and ready to go.



Andrew Zollner took pole vaulting to new heights when he proved that he's got one special long pole.


Todd Carney: What a Pisser! Bubbling Over?

Todd Carney: hot pisser
Is nothing sacred? We horny homos spend decades developing our own sexual code of fetishes, and then one drunk (allegedly) straight rugby player shoots piss into his own mouth, and the entire straight media goes overboard to cover a moment in pervy rugger time. 

That's because they known a viral story when it pisses on them. Dopey horndog rugger Todd Carney, while horsing around with his teammates, whipped out his (apparently large) uncut cock and peed upward into his own mouth. This isn't the first time Todd Carney got nude or sexy-stupid.

Todd Carney's into piss!
While the breeder media reacted in shock and horror, and his bosses fired him, bloggers etc. spun out into  a "trending" mania, proclaiming that even more dopey straight dudes are now into the trend of "bubbling."

In the gay world, it's called Sunday Beer Bust.

You would think at least the Australian media would be wise to the fact that this is a silly prank, and stupid, and admit that to some people, it's kinda hot.

I mean, really, how many intricate rituals have rugby players invented that involve beer, nudity and urination? A gazillion? How is this news?


Ebook Pride Freebies: a Rousing Suck-sess!

Hooray! Thanks to the hundreds of folks who downloaded my three sex-packed story anthologies this weekend! 

Bone, Rahm and Poke are each among the top five gay erotica free ebooks on Amazon.com! With more than 800 downloads, I surely hope I can help wank-happy readers get down and shoot their own loads!



A korean artist's sculpture of Spider-Man on a building has gotten complaints, and was removed, when it was revealed that the upside down depiction included Spidey with a stiff boner.  Here's the link.


Hard Support from Hot Ruggers

Sam and Thomas Burgess, who play for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, released a video in conjunction with the Bingham Cup's 'Out in the Field' study of anti-discrimination in sports.
Says Sam in the clip: "I don’t see why there should be any discrimination about colour, sexuality, your heritage or where you’re from. Sport is a great thing, and it brings people from all different aspects of life together, so why should your sexuality be a problem? The only way we are going to understand the issue is if people get out there and tell their story so we can help fix it.”

Adds Thomas: "I think discrimination in sport is old fashioned. We're very passionate about the game. We have lots of gay friends."

That might be because they like to get naked, too.
Here's Sam Burgess showing his hard appreciation for his gay fans:


Cathal Licked! Footie Fella Fucked! Cathal McCarron Sex Tape!

Let's say you're a well-known Irish soccer player in the UK. Let's say you make a gay sex tape, or two.
Let's say you're dumb enough to think no one will find out.
Well, if your name is Cathal McCarron, welcome to his butthole.

The footie fellow's got fucked on film, and now the world can enjoy his masculine trade cock and butt.

With a porn name of "fergus," McCarron did a simple casting video for the somewhat tediously-directed series of straight trade jacking their cocks.
But then he went further.


Kindlin' to Jack Off?

 My books are full of sucking and fucking tales. 
Buy 'em. Jack off with your kindle. 
Or your phone. or your tablet. 
Just jack off.


Tom Bacchus Trilogy - BONE RAHM POKE brought to you by PornHub


Jamie Dominic & Alistair Nichols Shave, Suck and Fuck!

It's tail as old as time.

You find photos of Handsome Male Model wearing fashionable and expensive clothes you'll never buy, never expecting to see more...much, much more.


Snow's a Cummin'

Oh, god, it's frickin' snowing so much! And soooo cold in New York!!

Didja ever jack off in the snow, just for the heck of it? Defy the shrink factor of freezing weather?

These guys did! Her's an avalanche of 60+ nude cocks in the snow!


What a Doll!

When I was a kid, I used to have sex with my G.I. Joe dolls.
What, you didn't?
Well, this guys does!
Hot babe Samantha Mack gets her nerd-sexy tattooed boyfriend to do the funniest things!