Tumblrin' Dice

You'll have to forgive me, I've been distracted by Tumblr, and other places online.

A special find: discovering full layouts of teenage magazine-era sure cum-inducing spreads from porn mags, long discarded (or sold on ebay), only to return, as low res. scans, zipped and ready to go.

I guess I have a type.

Oh, and the extremely amazing:

Bold public nudity!

Pseudo-celebrity cock selfies!

And modely models!

Oh, and the animated gifs! Hypnotizing!

But then, a few hundred scrolls later, as the waterfall continues, the pinwheels commence, if it hasn't already, and your browser stiffens as your dick wilts, so you move on to a more reliable, less random form of amusement.

Like watching one entire scene, especially if it's this guy getting fucked.

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