Q-FAQ by Tom Bacchus, now on Kindle

My scifi erotic comic porny novel Q-FAQ, is finally in a Kindle edition. Get it now for only $4.20 US.

Excerpt from the review on Edge Media:

The novel itself is a journal-like account, from Afaik’s point of view, of the bizarre, colorful creatures they encounter, the ludicrous situations they find themselves in, as well as blog and news excerpts from ongoing current events, which attempt to help both the reader and the protagonist determine where the duo are headed and why. The most important clue is an advertisement from a gay.com-like website, appearing over and over, announcing its sponsorship of the grand reopening of a once-famous bathhouse, an event which is expected to attract masses of sexual deviants. Is this gathering of the masses just another gala circuit party-type event, and might it have something to do with why Aces is compelled to race across the country?


Fire Down Below: Jonathan West and other naked firemen, real and porny

Leave it to one of New york's trashy rags to try to demean a handsome dude for becoming a fireman. That's because he did gay porn!

This coy and insipid article in the New York Daily News tries to sensationalize the fact that as Jonathan West, former model Jonathan Jesensky did almost a dozen gay and bi porn videos. I know, because I've seen them all. And ya know what? He's better at fucking women than getting his dick sucked by a guy. But hey, he gave it a shot.

Here's a bit of the stupid yet informative NY Daily News article. Really, it's byRocco Parascandola, Caitlin Nolan, and Reuven Blau, with Tina Moore and Joe Stepansky. Because apparently, it takes five writers to pen this salacious drivel:

"Jonathan Jesensky, 33, went by the alias Jonathan West when he appeared in X-rated films including titles like ‘Semper Bi’ and ‘Paramedics.’ He joined the FDNY as an EMT in 2012 and became a rookie firefighter on Tuesday.

Rookie FDNY firefighter Jonathan Jesensky, 33, went by the name Jonathan West when he appeared in at least 10 gay porn films. This gives new meaning to a probie. Jonathan Jesensky, 33, starred in at least 10 gay porn films before joining the ranks of New York’s Bravest as a rookie firefighter on Tuesday. Jesensky, who also served in the Marines, ditched his porn career, where he’s known by his X-rated alias, Jonathan West, before he was hired as an FDNY EMT in 2012."

Jonathan West aka Jonathan Jesensky and his erect hose