Todd Carney: What a Pisser! Bubbling Over?

Todd Carney: hot pisser
Is nothing sacred? We horny homos spend decades developing our own sexual code of fetishes, and then one drunk (allegedly) straight rugby player shoots piss into his own mouth, and the entire straight media goes overboard to cover a moment in pervy rugger time. 

That's because they known a viral story when it pisses on them. Dopey horndog rugger Todd Carney, while horsing around with his teammates, whipped out his (apparently large) uncut cock and peed upward into his own mouth. This isn't the first time Todd Carney got nude or sexy-stupid.

Todd Carney's into piss!
While the breeder media reacted in shock and horror, and his bosses fired him, bloggers etc. spun out into  a "trending" mania, proclaiming that even more dopey straight dudes are now into the trend of "bubbling."

In the gay world, it's called Sunday Beer Bust.

You would think at least the Australian media would be wise to the fact that this is a silly prank, and stupid, and admit that to some people, it's kinda hot.

I mean, really, how many intricate rituals have rugby players invented that involve beer, nudity and urination? A gazillion? How is this news?

But it is when a stupid, complacent and lazy corporate hetero media has nothing better to do, like, perhaps fraudulent trillion-dollar wars, the imminent collapse of the environment, or, I dunno, poverty?

I'd piss on that!
Nope, A dumb jock whipping out his cock for a whiz-tasting is front-page news.

Fan support includes a Facebook group: Piss in your mouth to support Todd Carney!

Once again, a fun harmless kink that gay guys like (and even some women and heteros, allegedly) is considered SHOCKING and given clickbait super-status.

Meanwhile, here are some more guys for whom whizzing is just good not-so-clean fun.

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