Gez Marshall: a Knockout!

Gez Marshall is a handsome Irish boxer.

He's a horny straight guy. He loves boobs.

He also likes showing off his enormous, stupendous erect penis. Well, wouldn't you if you had such a ginormous uncut sex tool?

But since you'll never wrap your hands around his cock, get your hands on my three hot and fuck-filled ebooks, BONE, RAHM and POKE.




OMG, he posted another pic of his huge erect cock!!!

Is this Gez Marshall's erect uncut cock?                                             

Why not ask him on Twitter? 

Curious cock hounds want to know.

Realy, so many blogs have posted photos of Gez Marshall nude, with his gigundous cock teasing us, real or metareal.

Gez got a lot of attention in many many many many blog posts. and forums.

But what's the deal? Real or a steal?

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Nick said...

wow a beautiful and handsome man...and er...lucky... best wishes