I've been a bit distracted by the awfulness of Hurricane Sandy. Although I live uptown and a few floors up, and was thereby saved from any direct damage to my modest home, my friends downtown have been suffering. So of course I invited a few temporarily displaced (hot) pals up for sleepovers! and the first thing they needed, other than warmth, clean clothes and food, was a hot shower or two, or three. one of the guys brought a 12-pack of beer, thinking, hey, if the world's ending, we might as well get drunk. And that led to a very busy bathroom, which led, too, well, other activities.

Oh, and buy my books!

While we're wet:
A hot yet stupid allegedly straight and obviously muscular police an in Mentor, Ohio got reprimanded for fulfilling a $100 dare to dunk his head in a bucket of piss; more precisely, a bucket of hot steamy cop piss, that of his co-workers. Deadspin has the video. Apparently this barely subverted homo-urine-otic act also had something to do with a Cleveland Browns football game.
Straight guys; they're fuckin' perverts!


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