Paddy O'Fuck Him? Sure!

Ah, St. Patrick's Day, when non-Irish people have an excuse to enact the drunken stereotypes of an entire race, while actual Irish people look askance at such inebriated behavior, and scorn at the mere thought of green beer.

Fortunately, it's easier to take advantage of woozy dudes as they stumble out of bars. Did I tell you about the time when a handsome fellow, wobbling to unleash his cock for a whiz on a side street of Manhattan, flirtaciously asked for my assistance, whereupon I helped him by holding his increasingly firm penis as he aimed to unleash his beer-induced strong stream of pee? And then how, as his cock increased in girth, I began to tug on it, nearly bringing him to a wobbly orgasm, yet decided to take him home, where more liquid enjoyments were enjoyed?

Remind me to tell you that story. Wait, I just did.

And before you surmise that beer-drinking and its resultant debaucheries are a low-class activity, read the New York Times article on how beer led to civilization.

Happy holiday, amateurs!

And of course, porn star Paddy O'Brian is actually British, and "straight" (although he's fucked more asses and done more documented dildo play than most gay guys I know!), with a name like Paddy, you have enjoy a wee bit of the luck of the Irish if you are ever able to swing on his cock, which hardly suffers from "the Irish curse." In fact, none of the actually Irish guys I've sucked off did, either. But I'm choosy.

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